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Leicester Student Accommodation

Our Leicester student accommodation offers the largest diversity of accommodation for students in Leicester city centre! You can enjoy bills included, free Wi-Fi, free laundry, a free on-site gym, a common room area, and a fantastic supportive community.

It's the place to be, with everything under a single roof! Our accommodation for students in Leicester offer the option of a house share dual occupancy, if you're after something sociable, whilst also offering private studios and one-bed apartments that include everything you will need during your studies, as well as a study area.

Student Beehive's student accommodation in Leicester has a team that will be on-site to welcome you to your student housing, and you'll be supported from the first moment you step through the door until your very last day in your Leicester accommodation.

We have three student halls, with two within walking range of the University of Leicester and one by De Montfort University. Our De Montfort University accommodation ensures you are close to your classes and all the amenities Leicester city centre has to offer. Take a look at the best options below to find your dream student houses today.

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Student Housing Frequently Asked Questions

How much is student accommodation in Leicester?

Prices start at £137 per week with all bills included.
The cost of student accommodation in Leicester can vary depending on several factors such as location, facilities, and room type. The Student Beehive in Leicester is one of the options available to students, and they offer a range of different room types at different price points. For example, a standard en-suite room with shared kitchen facilities can start at around £137 per week, while a premium studio apartment with a private kitchen and bathroom can start at around £175 per week. Ultimately, the cost of student accommodation in Leicester will depend on the individual preferences and budget of the student.

Is Leicester cheap for students?

Compared to other UK cities, Leicester can be considered relatively cheap for students. The cost of living in Leicester is generally lower than in other major cities, such as London or Manchester. Additionally, the city has a good selection of affordable student accommodation halls options, including Student Beehive in Leicester. The cost of food, transport, and entertainment is also generally cheaper in Leicester than in other major cities. This makes it a popular choice for students who want to experience student life without breaking the bank. Overall, while the cost of living will depend on individual circumstances and lifestyle, Leicester can be a cost-effective option for students.

Where do students live in Leicester?

There are several areas in Leicester where students can live, depending on their preferences and budget. Some of the popular areas for students include the city centre, Clarendon Park, and the West End. The Student Beehive in Leicester is located in the city centre, which is a convenient location for students as it is close to the university campuses, as well as shops, restaurants, and nightlife. Clarendon Park and the West End are also popular areas for students as they offer a range of affordable housing options, as well as a vibrant student community. Ultimately, the choice of where to live in Leicester will depend on individual circumstances and preferences, but there are plenty of options available to suit every student's needs.

Is it cheaper to live in student accommodation?

Living in student accommodation can often be cheaper than renting private accommodation or living in a shared house. The cost of student accommodation will depend on the location, facilities, and room type, but generally, it can be more cost-effective for students as bills such as utilities and internet are often included in the rental price. Additionally, some student accommodation providers, such as Student Beehive in Leicester, offer on-site amenities such as a gym, cinema room, and communal areas, which can save students money on entertainment expenses. Living in student accommodation can also provide peace of mind for parents, as it is often managed by experienced professionals who can ensure that students are living in a safe and secure environment.

Is Leicester a cheap place to live?

Leicester can be considered a relatively affordable place to live, especially compared to other major UK cities. The cost of living in Leicester is generally lower than in cities such as London, Manchester, and Edinburgh. Accommodation in Leicester is also more affordable than in other cities, with a range of options available to suit different budgets, including Student Beehive in Leicester. The cost of food, entertainment, and transport is also generally cheaper in Leicester than in other cities, making it an attractive option for students and young professionals. Overall, while the cost of living will depend on individual circumstances and lifestyle, Leicester is a cost-effective place to live.

Student accommodation for Leicester university

The best Leicester Student Accommodation near the city centre

Deciding on your student housing is incredibly important when attending any university. Luckily, we have you covered with three incredible private student accommodation sites across Leicester, including Leicester LE2, in locations close to both Leicester universities.

You’re welcome to stay at any of our three Leicester student housing sites, but if distance is something you care about, then read on to check out what we recommend.

If you’re studying at DMU, then there is no better place to stay than Renaissance House! Here you can enjoy modern, stylish, and spacious ensuite spaces. Being only an 8-minute walk away, there really is no better choice.

If you’re studying at The University of Leicester, then we recommend checking out Salisbury Road and Regent Road Leicester student accommodation. Both are roughly a five-minute walk away from the university’s campus and offer incredible student rooms with stunning views. If you're a medical student, then Regent Road is the place to be as it's only a few steps away from Leicester Royal Infirmary.

Whatever your accommodation type in Leicester, you can enjoy the best experience since we cover all your bills, offer free Wi-Fi, free laundry, a free onsite gym, a common room area, and beautiful garden grounds. Our private housing options include everything from shared accommodations to private bedroom apartments. Our student accommodations are second to none!

We provide various room options to suit your needs, and our student homes are designed to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable. International students will find our accommodations particularly convenient, with easy access to university campuses and city amenities.

More about Leicester student accommodation & studios

If you're on the lookout for a fun, exciting city to live and study in, then Leicester is one of the most perfect areas! The University of Leicester and De Montfort University, have been praised for being the most socially inclusive and offering so many fantastic opportunities for students to be involved in. It’s a place where you can study, learn new things and reach your full potential. Looking for Leicester university accommodation and need a little extra space and comfort, then check out our Leicester student studios.

There is a significant range of societies at both universities from sports, to hobbies and interests; there’s something to suit every student. The universities encourage and motivate students to get involved in societies, as it’s a great way to make friends for life and build on your skills.

Exploring the city

If you’re new to Leicester and wondering where to start with the city? Why not explore one of Leicester's many parks; Abbey Park offers a great space for picnics and is near all accommodation locations at Student Beehive. Or, if you fancy something more adventurous, check out Western Park, a place you can race around with a BMX. Plus, if you find yourself in Leicester over the summer, you can check out how lively the city can be with its fantastic music festivals.


Leicester University has a strong work employability rate of 94%. Their Career Development Service offers assistance with developing skills, knowledge, experience, and confidence, so you can graduate and apply for vacancies with a strong CV supporting you. De Montfort University is also very supportive, with employability mentors on site to give you advice over the industry and experience needed.

Cost of living

One thing that students love most about studying in the city of Leicester is the cost of living. You can enjoy a night out, exploring the city, and dining at restaurants without worrying about your bank balance. This makes it a great place to socialise in, and is another reason why so many people live here, with such a welcoming and supportive community.

Whether you're considering the distance from university, the various neighbourhoods, or the benefits of your tenancy agreement, Leicester has much to offer. Exploring the city's diverse attractions and amenities will make your student life both enjoyable and memorable.

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