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Two Bed Flat

  • Carlton Building
  • 10 Broad St, Nottingham NG1 3AL
  • Start Date: 9th Sept 24
Rent (Per week)
£410 (50 weeks)

Contract Length: 50 Weeks

Or give us a call to discuss:
+44 (0)7484 894 181

Accommodation Details

If you're looking to live with a friend in a popular location in Nottingham then look no further! Our two-bed flats offer an incredible amount of space with modern and stylish rooms that will suit your student's needs. You'll be able to enjoy an exciting city life here, whilst also having a great deal of privacy thanks to the impressive flat layout.

Our two-bed flats are based in the centre of Nottingham in Hockley - an area you'll find yourself visiting a lot in your student years. Surrounded by some of the best shops, restaurants and bars Nottingham has to offer. You’ll be a 3-minute walk away from supermarkets so you can top up on essentials quickly and easily.

Nottingham Trent campus is an 8-minute walk away and the University of Nottingham is a short bus journey away; making this flat ideal for Nottingham Trent students and University of Nottingham students.

Each flat comes with two spacious bedrooms accompanied by a beautiful kitchen and dining area. You’ll be able to host the best student parties and gatherings with this two-bed flat in Nottingham and can make this flat into your own home within seconds of moving in.


  • Utility bills included
  • Complimentary washing and drying facilities
  • High speed wireless internet
  • Security Cameras & 24 hour warden
  • Small Double Bed

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