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Our Partners

Student Beehive is an agile, dynamic, flexible company with a network of trusted partners and organisations. This enables us to scale up and scale down to suit our clients and bring in valuable specialist knowledge on a client-by-client basis

Around the world booking platforms

We are very grateful to collaborate with a range of talented people and companies who share our vision and are resolved to help us reach out more and more students around the world.

International Payment Partners

Student Beehive has selected Flywire, an international money transfer provider, as our exclusive online payment partner. This is our strongly preferred payment method, making competitive exchange rates for bank transfers, and credit and debit cards much easier to access. Student Beehive has no affiliation or link with other money transfer providers.

Easy Transfer platform streamlines the entire traditional bank wire transfer process and takes it online:

  1. Domestic Online Banking Integration
  2. Intelligent Exchange Rate Protection
  3. Automated Foreign Currency Exchange Approval
  4. Personal Customer Service Specialist
  5. Payment Coverage for Unexpected Delays