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Student Accommodation in

It's time to join Loughborough's largest student accommodation - a place where you'll make friends for life and unforgettable memories! Loughborough University accommodation can be both affordable and luxurious thanks to Student Beehive. Check out our new modern Loughborough studios, where you'll be able to have everything you need under one roof.

Our fully inclusive, centrally located in Loughborough student accommodation offers the freedom of a house share but with high-quality finishes, gyms and games rooms with all-inclusive rent. Our friendly Loughborough student accommodation teams are available to make sure everything runs smoothly and attend to all your requests whilst keeping you safe and secure. Student Beehive offers engaging student communities so making new friends in student accommodation Loughborough has never been easier.

Whether you're looking for simple affordable rooms or luxury studios, we have a wide range of options available to all students. Take a look at our Loughborough student accommodation options below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to live in Loughborough as a student?

The cost of living in Loughborough as a student can vary depending on several factors such as accommodation, food, transport, and entertainment. Student Beehive in Loughborough is one of the accommodation options available to students, and they offer a range of different room types at different price points. For example, a standard en-suite room with shared kitchen facilities can start at around £134 per week, while a premium studio apartment with a private kitchen and bathroom can start at around £162 per week. Additionally, the cost of living in Loughborough is generally lower than in other major cities in the UK, making it an attractive option for students who want to experience student life without breaking the bank. Overall, the cost of living in Loughborough as a student will depend on individual circumstances and lifestyle, but there are affordable options available.

Is Loughborough a nice place to live for students?

Loughborough is a popular destination for students, with a vibrant student community and a range of amenities to suit their needs. Student Beehive in Loughborough is one of the accommodation options available to students, and it offers a modern and comfortable living environment with on-site amenities such as a gym, cinema room, and communal areas. The town has a good selection of shops, restaurants, and nightlife venues, making it an attractive option for students who want to experience a lively social scene. Additionally, Loughborough is home to one of the UK's leading universities, with a strong reputation for academic excellence. Overall, Loughborough is a nice place to live for students, offering a great balance of social and academic opportunities in a friendly and welcoming community.

Is it cheaper to live in student accommodation?

Living in student accommodation can often be more cost-effective than renting private accommodation or living in a shared house. The cost of student accommodation will depend on several factors such as location, facilities, and room type, but generally, it can be more affordable for students as bills such as utilities and internet are often included in the rental price. Additionally, some student accommodation providers, such as Student Beehive in Loughborough, offer on-site amenities such as a gym, cinema room, and communal areas, which can save students money on entertainment expenses. Living in student accommodation can also provide peace of mind for parents, as it is often managed by experienced professionals who can ensure that students are living in a safe and secure environment. Overall, living in student accommodation can be a cost-effective option for students looking for a comfortable and convenient living environment.

Where do students live in Loughborough?

There are several areas in Loughborough where students can live, depending on their preferences and budget. Some of the popular areas for students include the town centre, Ashby Square, and the Golden Triangle. Student Beehive in Loughborough is located in the town centre, which is a convenient location for students as it is close to the university campuses, as well as shops, restaurants, and nightlife. Ashby Square is also a popular area for students, offering a range of affordable housing options and a bustling student community. The Golden Triangle is a more upmarket area, with higher rental prices, but it offers a quieter and more peaceful living environment. Ultimately, the choice of where to live in Loughborough will depend on individual circumstances and preferences, but there are plenty of options available to suit every student's needs.

What does private student accommodation mean?

Private student accommodation refers to housing that is specifically designed and managed for students, but is not owned or operated by the university or college. Private student accommodation providers, such as Student Beehive in Loughborough, offer purpose-built housing that typically includes a range of amenities and services to cater to students' needs. These can include en-suite rooms, communal areas, on-site gyms, laundry facilities, and high-speed internet access. Private student accommodation is usually located close to the university or college, making it a convenient option for students who want to be near their academic institution. While private student accommodation can be more expensive than traditional student housing options, such as shared houses, it often provides a higher level of comfort and convenience, making it a popular choice for students who want to enjoy a more independent and enjoyable living experience.

  • Things to Do

    Loughborough is a large market town that’s home to many attractions and high quality sporting facilities. If you love all things nature then Loughborough has some beautiful parks to explore including Queen’s Park where you’ll find students having group picnics and enjoying the sunny weather.

    Love to shop? Then why not head to Loughborough’s town centre where you can find all the retail shops you need from New Look, Primark and TKMaxx to all your favourite charity shops.

    If you love to socialise with a pint then Loughborough will provide all the best bars you could desire and at a fantastic price too!

  • Universities

    If you’re one of the many students coming to Loughborough University because of your passion for sport then you’ve picked the right place. Acknowledged as the best university in the world for sports-related courses, Loughborough campus offers facilities including an indoor athletic centre, outdoor stadium, all-weather pitches, a swimming pool, badminton courts and much more.

    The campus will have everything you need with shops, facilities and student union cafes and bars. It’s a great place to visit with students all being welcoming and friendly to anyone who joins.

    If you’re staying at one of our accommodation sites then you can be either a 3 minute walk away or a maximum of 12 minutes walk away from the campus. 

  • Where to Live

    All our Student Beehive Loughborough accommodation offers a fantastic area to call home; so here’s a bit more information to help you make your mind up.

    If you wish to be extremely close to campus then Kingfisher Halls, Forest Rise and Radmoor House are the two places to book, both being only a 3-5 minute walk away from university. Radmoor is perfect for any art student since this accommodation is closer to the school of art in Loughborough campus.

    If you wish to be closer to Loughborough’s town centre then why not check out Forest Court, which is just down the road from Kingfisher and a 2 minute walk from town’s shops and stores. If you find yourself wanting to live right in the heart of Loughborough then we recommend booking the Student Block - here you’ll find yourself a short walk away from all that town offers, and still only a 12 minute walk from Loughborough University campus.

More about our Leicester student accommodation

If you’re looking for a fun, exciting city to live and study in, then Leicester is the dream place to be! Both the University of Leicester as well as De Montfort University have been praised for being the most socially inclusive and offering so many fantastic opportunities for students to be involved in. It’s a place where you can study, learn new things and reach your full potential. If you are looking for Leicester university accommodation and need a little extra space and comfort then check out our Leicester student studios.

There is a significant range of societies at both universities from sports, to hobbies and interests; there’s something perfect for every student. The universities encourage and motivate students to get involved in societies as it’s a great way to make friends for life and build on your skills.

If you’re new to Leicester and wondering where to start with the city? Why not explore one of Leicester's many parks; Abbey Park offers a great space for picnics and is close to all accommodation sites at the Student Beehive. Or if you fancy something more adventurous, check out Western Park, a place you can race around with a BMX. Plus if you find yourself in Leicester over Summer then you can check out how vibrant and lively the city can be with it’s fantastic music festivals.

Leicester University has a strong employability rate of 94%. Their Career Development Service offers assistance with developing skills, knowledge, experience and confidence so you can graduate and apply for vacancies with a strong CV supporting you. De Montfort University are also very supportive with employability mentors on site to give you advice over the industry and experience needed.

One thing that students love most about studying in Leicester is the cost of living - you can enjoy a night out, city adventures and restaurants without worrying about your bank. This makes it a great place to socialise in, and is another reason why so many people live here with the such a welcoming and supportive community.

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