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10 Creative Ways To Spend A Date In Leicester

Article writen by: Beth
07 June 2022

If you're staying in student accommodation in Leicester, you'll know there are plenty of ways to spend your time as a student in the city. From shopping to sports, restaurants and walks, Leicester has a lot to offer, and is a great place to spend a date. If you're looking for something out of the ordinary to do on your next date, here are ten ideas for fun and engaging things to do in the city.

Active Date Ideas

Exam season is over and it's time to celebrate. If you want to do something active and engaging, here are some top picks for some high energy date ideas.

Rock Climbing in Leicester

1 Trampoline Park

In the heart of the city centre of Leicester is a boost trampoline park, which is a huge trampoline park for all ages. Why not visit and have a game of dodgeball with your partner or jump into the foam pit together? Bonus points if either of you can do a back flip. Tickets cost £12 for an hour or £20 for two hours.

2 Escape Rooms

There are several escape rooms in Leicester, including: escape Leicester, Escapologic, and clue HQ. This range of escape rooms means that you can visit these attractions several times and still not run out of rooms to explore. Why not shop around and try each place? You can test yourself on the different themes and levels of difficulty.

3 Rock Climbing

A really good way to keep fit and have fun is to visit social climb in Leicester’s city centre. There’s no need to book this activity, you can just show up. A day ticket is £10 with a first-time sign-up fee (this only needs to be paid once) and a £3 show hire fee (if don’t own your own climbing shoes). There’s no time limit so you can spend as much time as you want here. A good bonding activity is to help your partner find where to put their hands and feet, as you can often see way more from the ground. Remember to encourage each other the whole time as climbing is no easy task! 

Competitive Date Ideas

Competition within a relationship can be really fin and awarding - here are some favourite ways to battle it out with your partner.

Bowling shoes

4 Bowling

There are several bowling places in Leicester, the two in the centre of town include Lane 7 and East Street Lanes, with Hollywood bowl situated a bit further out of Leicester. Bowling is also an amazing double date idea, as you can get competitive with your friends. Lane 7 becomes a bar after 7 pm and becomes an adult-only venue, with drinks and food, and music. Student discount is offered at varying times and locations, so be sure to look out for student discount codes and vouchers. 

5 Golf

Golf is a fun and competitive activity you could try with a partner. There are two main mini golf attractions in Leicester, Tree Top Golf and CaddyShackers. Tree top gold has more visually appealing courses and there are two to choose from. However, CaddyShackers offers alcoholic drinks. Both places do student discount on certain days at certain times so make sure to capitalise on this. Mini golf is perfect for a first date or a thirtieth date, as it allows for a good conversation and a nice amount of competition.

Relaxing Date Ideas

Sometimes getting to do something calming while talking a break with your significant other is the perfect date plan.


6 Pottery painting

For those into art and creative medium, Lollipops Pottery Painting is a pottery parlour where you can grab a coffee and create something personal and meaningful. The pieces range in price so this date can be as expensive or cheap as you like. This is a nice date to get creative and you could even collaborate on one piece that you can keep together.

7 Cinemas

A classic date is of course to take your date to the cinema, I’d recommend the Odeon Luxe for a luxury feel to such a simple date. They have glamorous leather reclining seats that make you feel super relaxed, and you can get really fancy with the snack selection. The Odeon Luxe is situated near freeman’s common and Morrisons, about 15 minutes’ walk from the main campus

Low Cost Date Ideas

For when that student loan runs out, some free date ideas to spend some time with your significant other are always a must.

 People in the park

8 Event Nights

Leicester is a mixing pot of cultures, and that means there are so many celebrations occurring each year, from Diwali to LGBT pride. These date ideas need more planning as they only occur in within a specific time, but they are always super fun, and you get to engage in celebration that you may not have ever engaged with before. Check local Facebook groups for when these celebrations are posted. The Christmas fair in town is one you should definitely bookmark.

9 Walks

Leicester has so much amazing scenery and nature to interact with and walks in the park are simple year really rewarding as a date. My top places to walk are, Aylestone Meadows, Abbey Park, Victoria Park and Bradgate park (which is a bus ride away but has deer). You can improve this date by taking a picnic or a ball game, this can be fun with someone you have been with for a while.

10 Museums

Some museums in Leicester are free to visit including, Leicester Museum and Art Gallery on New Walk. It is a beautiful museum with several sections, from are to dinosaur exhibits. It is large, and you could easily spend 1-2 hours in there exploring. The Leicester contemporary, in the city centre, is also a great place to visit. It is an art studio that holds various events such as monthly spoken word and open mic nights, these are a great way to show off local talent within Leicester’s literally scene.