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Leicester Student Accommodation: Booking Advice for 2024/2025

Leiceter students deciding where to stay at Student Beehive Leicester student accommodation
Article writen by: Abby
25 June 2024

Finding the perfect student accommodation in Leicester is crucial for a memorable university experience. At Student Beehive, we offer a variety of university accommodation options tailored to fit different needs and preferences, including flats in Leicester and private student accommodation. Our locations are all conveniently situated near De Montfort University, the University of Leicester, and Leicester College, ensuring you’re always close to your classes and the vibrant city life. Whether you're looking for a modern studio or a spacious one-bed flat, we have the perfect place for you.

Students studio appartment at Student Beehive Leicester student accommodation

Prime Locations for Students student housing

Regent Road:
Hey there! If you’re studying at the University of Leicester, Regent Road is just a five-minute stroll away. This spot has everything from modern en-suite rooms to spacious studios and one-bed flats in private halls. Being this close to the university and city centre means you can easily hit up shops, restaurants, and all the best entertainment spots. Plus, it's super convenient for those late-night study sessions at the library or quick trips to town with friends.

And it gets even better! Regent Road boasts an on-site gym, perfect for squeezing in a workout between classes. No need to lug your laundry around either, with free washing and drying facilities available. When it's time to unwind, head to the common room where you can challenge your friends to a game of pool. It’s all about making your student housing experience as hassle-free and fun as possible.

Renaissance House studio appartment based in Leicester

Renaissance House:
Renaissance House is a gem for those requiring de Montfort university accommodation , just a six-minute walk away, and only 15 minutes from the University of Leicester. This place offers stylish studios and one-bed flats, perfect if you’re after a bit of independence but still want to be in the heart of student life. Living here puts you close to both universities and the vibrant city centre, so you’re never far from where the action is in the best student areas.

But wait, there's more! Renaissance House comes with fantastic perks like an on-site gym, so you can stay fit without leaving the building. No need to worry about laundry day either, with free washing and drying facilities right at your doorstep. And when it’s time to chill, head to the common room where you can enjoy a game of pool with friends. It’s all about making your student housing experience as enjoyable and convenient as possible!

Students studio appartment at Student Beehive Salisbury Road

Salisbury Road:
Looking for a sophisticated spot near the University of Leicester? Salisbury Road is just five minutes away and offers en-suite rooms, studios, and one-bed flats, all available to students. This place is perfect if you want a stylish living environment while staying close to your classes and city amenities. Enjoy the landscaped courtyards for relaxing or socializing with friends, and take advantage of the on-site gym to stay fit. It’s great for having friends over, studying in peace, or just unwinding after a long day of lectures.

Types of Rooms Available

En-suite Rooms:
En-suite rooms offer the perfect balance between privacy and community. With your own private bathroom, you can enjoy your personal space, while shared kitchens and living areas provide a social atmosphere. Ideal for hosting study groups, or simply having friends over for dinner, these rooms cater to students who value both independence and camaraderie. Imagine having your friends around for a movie night or cooking up a storm together in the shared kitchen.

Studios offer complete independence with a private kitchen, living area, and bathroom. This setup is perfect for students who prefer their own space to study, relax, and entertain. Imagine having the freedom to cook your meals anytime, enjoy movie nights in your cozy living space, or host friends for a get-together without any disturbances. Studios are also great for couples or those who like having guests over for the weekend.

One-bed Flats:
One-bed flats provide a separate bedroom and kitchen, offering a home-like feel. They are perfect for students who want more space and a distinct living area, ideal for those who might want to share with a friend or partner. Enjoy the luxury of a spacious living room to unwind after a long day, a kitchen to cook your favorite meals, and a bedroom that offers peace and privacy. It's perfect for those who like to have a clear division between study and relaxation areas.

Students gym facilities at Student Beehive Leicester student accommodation

Benefits of Staying with Student Beehive Leiceter Student Accommodation

  • All-inclusive Bills: No hidden costs make budgeting easier and more predictable. Your rent covers everything from utilities to Wi-Fi, so you can focus on your studies and social life without worrying about extra costs. This all-inclusive setup helps manage the cost of living, allowing you to plan your finances better and enjoy a stress-free student life.

  • Free Amenities: Enjoy free Wi-Fi, on-site gyms, and laundry services at selected sites. Some locations even have outdoor spaces, heated pools, hot tubs, and BBQ areas, so there’s always something fun to do.

  • Community and Support: Friendly, experienced staff and a supportive student community make living here a pleasure. Whether you need help with maintenance or just want someone to chat with, there's always someone around.

  • Great Locations: Our accommodations are strategically located close to universities, including De Montfort University, the University of Leicester, and Leicester College. Being near these nearby universities makes commuting easy and gives you more time to enjoy student life.

Making the Right Choice

Choosing between Regent Road, Renaissance House, and Salisbury Road depends on your priorities:

  • Proximity to the University: Regent Road and Salisbury Road are both ideal for students of the University of Leicester due to their close proximity.

  • Modern Living: Renaissance House offers a modern, independent living experience near De Montfort University.

  • Variety of Room Types: Each location provides a range of options from en-suite rooms to studios and one-bed flats, catering to different living preferences.

How to Book

To secure your ideal Leicester student accommodation, visit the Student Beehive booking page. Early booking is recommended to ensure you get the best choice of rooms.

Choosing the right accommodation is key to a successful and enjoyable student life in Leicester. At Student Beehive, we’re here to help you find the perfect home away from home.

When should you start booking accommodation?

It's best to start booking your Leicester student accommodation as early as possible, ideally once you receive your university offer. Early booking ensures you get the best selection of rooms and locations, particularly in popular areas near De Montfort University and the University of Leicester. Student Beehive offers various options, from en-suite rooms to studios and one-bed flats, so securing your spot early helps you find the perfect fit for your needs and preferences.

When should you move into uni accommodation?

Most students move into their university accommodation a week or two before the start of the academic term. This allows you to settle in, explore your new surroundings, and participate in any orientation or welcome events. If you’ve booked with Student Beehive, we’ll provide you with specific move-in dates and support to ensure a smooth transition. Living close to Leicester's city centre and universities like De Montfort University and the University of Leicester, you'll be perfectly situated to dive right into student life.

How to choose the correct accommodation type for leicester university

Choosing the correct accommodation type at Leicester University depends on your lifestyle and study habits. If you prefer privacy, consider a studio or one-bed flat. En-suite rooms offer a balance of privacy and community with shared kitchens and living areas. Location is also key; opt for places near the University of Leicester or De Montfort University. Student Beehive provides various options to cater to your needs, ensuring you’re close to campus and city amenities, making your student life comfortable and convenient.

What is included in student accommodation?

Student accommodation typically includes all essential utilities like electricity, water, and heating in the rent. At Student Beehive, we go a step further by offering free Wi-Fi, on-site gyms, and free washing and drying facilities. Some locations also feature landscaped courtyards and common rooms with pool tables, providing great spaces for relaxation and socializing. All these amenities help create a hassle-free living environment, allowing you to focus on your studies and enjoy your time at university.

What is private student accommodation?

Private student accommodation refers to housing options managed by private companies rather than the university. These accommodations often offer a higher standard of living with additional amenities. At Student Beehive, our private student accommodation includes modern en-suite rooms, studios, and one-bed flats. Located near De Montfort University, the University of Leicester, and Leicester College, our properties provide a convenient and comfortable living experience with benefits like all-inclusive bills, on-site gyms, and free laundry facilities, enhancing your overall student life.