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15 Most Common Student Problems and How to Navigate Them in Leicester

Article writen by: Miley
27 February 2024

University life is a thrilling journey, whether you're enrolled in De Montfort University or the University of Leicester. From selecting the right bedrooms in shared student apartments to navigating the search for affordable Leicester student accommodation, living the quintessential student life encompasses a broad spectrum of experiences. Here are solutions to 15 common challenges, complete with an insider's guide to thriving in Leicester, including tips on finding cheap accommodations for students, making the most of university life, and choosing between private student accommodation and university halls.

1. Budgeting: Seeking Affordable Living Spaces in Your Accommodation in Leicester

Problem: Many students struggle to manage finances, especially when it comes to rent and University of Leicester accommodation.

Solution: Hunt for cheap for students but quality properties in Leicester like Student Beehive Regent Road or browse through our student rentals that offer a balance of cost and comfort. Consider superior studios or shared bedrooms that cater to different budgets while providing opportunities to connect with other students, ensuring a vibrant living student life in Leicester.

Homesickness in Leicester accommodation

2. Homesickness: From a Room to a Home

Problem: Adapting to a new bedroom in shared student apartments can trigger homesickness, especially when transitioning from the familiar environment of home to the new setting of private luxury student accommodation.

Solution: Infuse your student apartments with personal touches that resonate with home and build connections with your flatmates to create a familial atmosphere within the luxurious surroundings of your private student accommodation. This approach can transform a simple bedroom into a comforting home away from home, easing the pangs of homesickness.

3. Time Management: Prioritizing Academic and Social Life

Problem: Balancing a rigorous academic schedule with the vibrant living student life in Leicester is often a juggle.

Solution: Implement strict time-management strategies, but also allow time to explore the attractions in Leicester, including those in the popular student areas. Taking breaks to enjoy what Leicester College and other institutions offer can lead to a more fulfilling university experience.

4. Socializing: Diving into Student Communities

Problem: Making friends and engaging in the Leicester student scene can be daunting.

Solution: Take part in social activities offered by private student accommodation and explore rooms and student halls' common areas to meet peers with similar interests. This approach fosters community and makes diving into student life in Leicester more accessible and enjoyable.

Student communities in Leicester University

5. Academic Pressure: Excelling in University

Problem: The weight of achieving high grades can be stressful.

Solution: Use the study lounges in university accommodation effectively and establish a support system with classmates for group studies.

6. Healthy Lifestyle: Accessing Student Amenities

Problem: Students often neglect health and wellness due to a lack of facilities, especially when living in student accommodations that lack these amenities.

Solution: Opt for Leicester student properties that feature on-site gyms or fitness centers, and utilize the kitchen facilities to prepare nutritious meals. This proactive approach ensures that maintaining a healthy lifestyle becomes an integral part of your living student life in Leicester.

7. Employment: Juggling Jobs with Studies

Problem: Finding part-time work that fits around academic commitments and coursework in popular student areas is a common hurdle.

Solution: Utilize job search resources provided by the uni accommodation today services to find flexible part-time roles that cater to students' schedules in Leicester, ensuring they can balance their studies with work effectively.

8. Safety: Living Securely

Problem: Safety concerns can add unnecessary stress, particularly for those new to living away from home in a bustling city.

Solution: Seek out secure student accommodation, like Oxford House, that provides a safe living environment with 24/7 security measures in place. This way, you can have peace of mind while enjoying your university experience in Leicester.

Leicester students doing time management

9. Independence: Mastering Self-sufficiency

Problem: The transition from living at home to managing your own space and responsibilities in a university setting can be daunting for many students. This leap into independence requires adapting to new routines, managing finances, and taking care of daily chores without the immediate support of family.


Solution: To ease into independent living, students can leverage the resources and events often available at private student accommodation complexes and university campuses. Here are some ways to develop self-sufficiency:

  • Budgeting Workshops: Many student accommodations and universities offer workshops on financial literacy, where students can learn how to manage expenses, save money, and understand financial products. These sessions can help students navigate the costs associated with living in Leicester student accommodation, from rent to utilities and groceries.
  • Cooking Classes: Cooking for oneself is a fundamental aspect of living independently. Some student accommodations offer cooking classes or have communal kitchens where students can learn to prepare simple, healthy meals. This not only helps students save money by reducing the need to eat out but also encourages a healthier lifestyle.
  • Cleaning and Maintenance Tips: Learning to maintain a clean and organized living space is crucial. Workshops on basic home maintenance and cleaning can equip students with the skills needed to take care of their rooms or apartments, ensuring a comfortable and hygienic living environment.
  • Time Management Sessions: Balancing academic responsibilities, part-time work, and social life requires effective time management. Workshops focused on developing these skills can help students allocate their time wisely, ensuring they meet coursework deadlines while also enjoying the student life in Leicester.
  • Networking and Community Events: Private student accommodations often host social events that can help students build a support network. These events are not only a great way to meet other students and make friends but also provide opportunities to learn from peers who may have tips and advice on living independently.

By participating in these workshops and events, students can gradually become more self-sufficient, making the most of their university experience while living in Leicester student accommodation. This proactive approach to mastering life skills not only prepares students for their time at university but also for life beyond graduation.

10. Cultural Adaptation: Embracing Leicester's Diversity

Problem: International students may find cultural adaptation challenging.

Solution: Engage with the international student community and participate in multicultural events to ease into the local culture.

11. Privacy: Choosing the Right Student Accommodation

Problem: Students may find it hard to find the right balance between privacy and communal living, especially when they wish to be near the Leicester city centre for convenience.

Solution: When you search for student accommodation, consider the types of room on offer—ensuite bedrooms provide privacy when you need to unwind, while shared living areas offer a sense of community. Look for properties in Leicester that offer this balance, ideally located close to the Leicester city centre for ease of access to university amenities and social opportunities.

12. Exam Stress: Managing the Pressure

Problem: End-of-semester exams can be a major source of stress.

Solution: Find accommodation types properties that are conducive to studying and located conveniently close to the university campuses.

13. Networking: Making Lasting Connections

Problem: Building a solid professional network while in university can be tricky.

Solution: Use the networking events at your student accommodation and university to connect with industry professionals and alumni.

Cooking healthy food at our Leicester student accommodation

14. Maintenance: Ensuring Quality of Life

Problem: Dealing with maintenance issues in student houses can affect your comfort and studies, especially if you're living near the bustling Leicester city centre where quick resolution is essential

Solution: Choose well-maintained student apartments like those offered by Project Student, known for their efficient maintenance staff. Properties that are a stone's throw from the Leicester city centre not only provide the convenience of urban living but also ensure a high standard of upkeep, so you can focus on your university experience without the worry of unresolved maintenance problems.

15. Future Planning: Preparing for Post-Graduation

Problem: Students often feel anxious about their plans after university, with the week to graduation day approaching rapidly and the future seeming uncertain.

Solution: Take advantage of the career planning services offered by both the university and student accommodation services to chart a clear post-graduation path. These services can help you develop a strategy for the transition from student life to professional life, ensuring you are well-prepared as graduation day approaches. Whether you're seeking employment, considering further education, or exploring other opportunities, proper guidance can make the final week before graduation a time of excitement rather than anxiety.

Embrace these challenges as part of the adventure that is university life. With the right student accommodation in Leicester, from private rooms to apartments, and by taking advantage of the resources at your disposal, you can turn these common problems into stepping stones for success.

What is the biggest problem faced by students today?

The most significant challenge faced by students today revolves around securing affordable Leicester student accommodation while managing academic pressures. The cost of living in student areas, coupled with tuition fees, can strain budgets. To tackle this, students are encouraged to explore a variety of accommodation types, including shared apartments and superior studios, which offer both budget-friendly options and proximity to university campuses. Additionally, leveraging financial advice and workshops provided by accommodation centres can help in navigating these financial waters effectively.

What are the challenges you face as a student and how do you overcome them?

As a student, challenges range from academic workload, time management, to finding the right balance between privacy and social life in student accommodation. Overcoming these involves utilizing university resources like study groups and academic workshops. For accommodation concerns, researching the best student apartments or rooms in Leicester that cater to your lifestyle and budget is key. Engaging in community events within your accommodation can also ease the transition, helping to build a supportive network among other students.

What is the most difficult part of being a university student?

Arguably, the most difficult part of being a university student is juggling academic responsibilities with personal development and social activities. This balancing act is particularly challenging when adapting to independent living, possibly in a new city like Leicester. To navigate this, prioritizing tasks, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and actively participating in the student community through events and clubs can provide a well-rounded university experience. Opting for student accommodation that supports these aspects, with amenities and social spaces, can greatly ease university life pressures.

How can you make the most of your university life in Leicester?

Making the most of university life in Leicester involves immersing yourself in the vibrant student scene, from engaging in societies related to your course to exploring the attractions in Leicester city centre. Choosing the right student accommodation, like those offering easy access to both De Montfort University and the University of Leicester, can enhance your experience, providing you with a secure base to explore and grow. Additionally, leveraging the amenities and social opportunities offered by your accommodation can enrich your student life further.

How do you choose the right student accommodation in Leicester?

Choosing the right student accommodation in Leicester entails considering factors such as proximity to your university, rent costs, the types of rooms available, and the amenities provided. Begin your search for student accommodation early, focusing on options that offer the best balance between cost and comfort. Look for accommodations, like private student apartments or university halls, that not only fit your budget but also support your academic and social needs. Checking reviews from other students and visiting potential properties can also provide valuable insights into making the right decision.