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5 ways to decorate your uni room

Article writen by: Abby
16 December 2021

Moving to university is an exciting and new adventure for everyone. You can meet new people, explore new places and enjoy your very own student home! But how do you turn a plain bedroom into a cosy home that you love? That's what we're here to help with! Whether you're staying in our accommodation for students in Leicester, Loughborough or in a completely different city; these tips will make an impact within seconds. We've used these tips to decorate one of our Loughborough student accommodation ensuite rooms, follow below to see the transformation...

1. Add a lamp

A nicely designed lamp can make a huge difference! It will add more light to your room and add some personality at the same time. We like to match our lamps to the colour of the bedding as this gives a great aesthetic; but how you design your room is completely up to you. We recommend checking out the lamps at your local range store for the best prices with lamps starting from less than £5 - this way you can stick to a smaller budget whilst making your student room prettier. The lamp we chose to decorate our Kingfisher Halls ensuite room was purchased from the range and was priced at £19.99.

Decorate your uni room with a beautiful lamp

2. Hang up some fairy lights

Who doesn't love a bit of fairy lights every now and again?! We have certainly seen a million of these decorate the Leicester uni accommodation and Loughborough accommodation rooms! They cost nothing but make a huge difference. So why not try sticking up a load of fairy lights above your ceiling or on your bedroom walls. Or if you want to make your study area look cute, then do what we did... hang them around your bookshelves and books. It can be a great way to create a cosy environment for your desk area - which really helps when you have deadlines and coursework that you find yourself often putting off as the space will look a lot more appealing. You can find a great selection of fairy lights on Amazon for just £1!

Fairy Lights that can decorate your student home

3. Invest in some plants

Plants. That's the one thing you can't ever get enough of! You can pick to either use real plants or fake plants; either way the finishing touches these make are fantastic. We love to put up plants around the desk area and on bedside tables to make the room really pop. If placing the plants in the same area then we suggest using the "rule of three" to make this look nice and balanced. The plants below are all from the range and can be purchased from just £2.99. 

Plants to decorate the uni halls

4. Pile up the cushions

The one thing that can make your bed more comfy and room look more cosy is a cushion, or two or three. Choosing cushions that match and go with your bedding can make your student home come together nicely! We like using the rule of three here as well by choosing three different tones within the same colour for the cushions! We then create a pyramid structure with two large cushions at the back, two in the middle and one centre stage styled cushion at the front.Cushions for your student home

5. Chuck in a throw

A throw is a great way to decorate your uni room! It is the perfect finishing touch that makes your bed look extra luxurious. You can use this for extra warmth at night on the winter days or just for decorating purposes during the day. We purchased the throw below from the range which offers a great selection of throws which can be less than £10.

A throw to go over your student bed

And now for the final outcome! Check out how the above 5 decoration tips can make a huge difference...

The before...

Loughborough accommodation

And the after...

Loughborough accommodation after decorations go up

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