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A Parent’s Guide to Helping Your Child Find Safe Leicester Student Accommodation

Article writen by: Abby
10 September 2023

Dear conscientious parents gearing up to send their budding scholars to the vibrant city of Leicester, we know that finding the right student accommodation in Leicester is at the forefront of your preparations. Fret not! We’re here to guide you through this essential rite of passage with a sprinkle of wit and a heap of wisdom.

The Versatility of Student Accommodation in Leicester

Student life in Leicester comes with a bouquet of accommodation options, each more enticing than the last. However, nestled amidst the hub of student houses and halls, lies the crown jewel – Student Beehive. A place where your child's safety and comfort are not just promised but delivered.

In this student accommodation haven, the offerings range from chic studio apartments to shared spaces designed to foster community and friendship, promising your child a nurturing home away from home.

Leicester student worried about being at University

Accommodation in Leicester: A Palette of Options

As we deep dive into the vibrant options of accommodation in Leicester, let’s shine a spotlight on Student Beehive, where your child can find a perfect nest that suits their personality and preferences to a tee.

The beehive buzzes with possibilities, offering room options that are both economical and stylish, blending comfort with aesthetics in a medley that speaks to both parents and students alike. Here, the city centre is not just a distant place but a buzzing locale, rich with opportunities for growth and enjoyment, all within a stone's throw from the accommodation premises.

Student Halls: The Heart of Leicester Student Community

Welcome to the vibrant ecosystem of student halls, the heart of Leicester’s student community. These halls are not just buildings; they are vibrant communities that breathe life into the student experience in Leicester.

Here at Student Beehive, the halls are designed with meticulous attention to detail, promising a nurturing environment that fosters not just academic growth but personal development as well, striking a harmonious balance that is vital in the formative years of university life.

Houses, Rooms, and Student Housing Leicester: The Trio of Comfort

As we unravel the fantastic options at Student Beehive, let’s take a moment to appreciate the diversity in room options. Be it the inviting halls bustling with energy or the more personal touch of student housing in Leicester, offering a sense of home with a touch of independence.

Rooms here are not just four walls but a space where memories are created, a personal sanctuary that respects the student's need for personal space while offering avenues for community building and growth.

University of Leicester: A Hub of Excellence

A stone’s throw away from the student accommodation lies the prestigious University of Leicester, a name synonymous with academic excellence and a nurturing environment that promises to mould your child into a future leader, equipped with the skills and knowledge to carve out a successful path in life.

This esteemed institution stands tall in the heart of the city, offering not just an education but a holistic experience that blends learning with opportunities for personal growth, ensuring a robust foundation for your child's future.

The Lively Leicester: A City of Opportunities

The Lively Leicester: A City of Opportunities

Leicester, the vibrant heart of England’s East Midlands, is a city that promises a rich student life, offering a tapestry of experiences woven from the diverse cultures and historical richness that define this beautiful city.

As your child steps into the city, they are greeted by avenues of exploration that extend beyond the classroom, offering a learning experience that is both rich and diverse, promising a vibrant student life that is both fulfilling and safe.

The Student Beehive Community: The Heartbeat of Student Life

We circle back to the buzzing world of Student Beehive, the heart and soul of student life in Leicester. Here, the community is not just a group of individuals but a family, a melting pot of vibrant individuals from various walks of life, coming together to forge bonds that last a lifetime.

The Student Beehive promises an experience that is both economical and rich in experiences, a place where your child can forge lifelong friendships while enjoying the safety and comfort of a nurturing environment, a home that promises not just a roof over their head but a rich tapestry of experiences that promise to enrich their university journey in Leicester.

Halls: The Epicentre of Student Activities

The University journey is much more than just academics; it's a symphony of experiences that shapes a student's life. The halls in Leicester act as the epicentre of this vibrant student culture, offering not just a place to rest but a hub of activities that foster growth, community, and lifelong friendships.

Student Beehive takes this a notch higher, hosting a series of events right in the halls, from festive celebrations to casual meet-ups, ensuring your child always feels connected and part of a vibrant community.

Delving into the Diversity of Leicester Accommodation

Accommodation options in Leicester are aplenty, each catering to different preferences and budgets. From lavish student houses to economical rooms that offer the perfect blend of comfort and utility, the city doesn't disappoint.

But it is the Leicester student accommodation, with its keen attention to detail and understanding of student needs, that stands a cut above the rest, promising an experience that is both rewarding and fulfilling, promising a vibrant student life that is enriched with experiences and opportunities for personal and academic growth.

Leicester students chilling in the park

Leicester: More than just a City

Leicester stands as a city that transcends the ordinary, offering a vibrant blend of historical richness and modern vibrancy, promising a student life that is rich in experiences and opportunities for growth.

From the rich tapestry of cultures that weave the city’s vibrant ethos, to the modern amenities that promise a comfortable and enriching student life, Leicester stands tall as a city that promises much more than just an education, offering a nurturing environment where your child can flourish both academically and personally.

Student Accommodation: The Beehive of Opportunities

As we wrap up our guide, it’s clear that Leicester offers a buzzing student life, rich with opportunities for personal and academic growth. The student accommodation options here are not just places to live but nurturing environments that foster growth, community, and a rich tapestry of experiences that promise to enrich your child’s university journey.

So, as you venture forth in helping your child find their perfect nest in Leicester, remember that the city offers much more than just a place to study. It offers a vibrant student life, a community that nurtures and a home away from home, promising a rich and fulfilling university experience that lays a robust foundation for your child's future.

How secure is student accommodation in Leicester?
Safety is a priority at Student Beehive accommodation facilities in Leicester. We have implemented a series of security measures to ensure that students can reside in a secure and safe environment. Our accommodations are equipped with CCTV surveillance systems that operate 24/7, secure door entry systems, and on-site staff who are always there to assist you. Moreover, we encourage students to play their part in maintaining the safety by adhering to the community rules and reporting any suspicious activities promptly. Rest assured, choosing Student Beehive means choosing a safe, secure home for your student life in Leicester.
When should I book student accommodation in Leicester?
Booking your student accommodation at the right time is pivotal to securing a place that meets all your preferences. At Student Beehive, we recommend starting your search early, ideally around January to March, when the booking lines for the new academic year open. This way, you have a broader range of options to choose from and a higher chance of securing your preferred accommodation. Keep an eye on the Student Beehive website for the exact date bookings open and any early bird promotions that might be available. Remember, the early bird catches the worm!
What is the best student area in Leicester?

Identifying the "best" area can be somewhat subjective as it largely depends on individual preferences, including proximity to specific universities, amenities, and the kind of atmosphere a student prefers. However, many consider the region surrounding the Student Beehive accommodations to be among the best areas for students in Leicester, and here's why:

Vibrant Community: Student Beehive fosters a vibrant community that's pulsating with life, ensuring students have a wholesome university experience that extends beyond academics.

Proximity to Universities: Our accommodations are strategically located close to the University of Leicester and other educational institutions, reducing commute time and offering more leisure time.

Safety: Safety is a priority at Student Beehive. Our accommodations are situated in secure areas, with added security features in place to ensure the safety and well-being of all our residents.

Amenities and Facilities: The Student Beehive locations are surrounded by a rich array of amenities including shops, restaurants, and recreational areas, providing students with everything they need within easy reach.

Transport Links: Being situated in well-connected areas ensures that students have easy access to public transport, facilitating convenient travel around the city and beyond.

Cultural Experiences: Leicester is a city rich with history and culture. Living at Student Beehive allows students to immerse themselves in diverse cultural experiences, with a myriad of historical sites and cultural venues close by.

To find the best fit for you, we recommend researching and possibly visiting the different areas in Leicester, including taking a tour of our Student Beehive accommodations to get a firsthand feel of what it would be like living in one of the best student areas in the city.

Can I view the accommodation before booking in Leicester?

Absolutely, at Student Beehive, we encourage prospective students and their parents to view the accommodation before making a booking. It’s essential for us that you feel completely confident and at ease with your choice of accommodation.

You can get a first-hand experience of the vibrant student community, the meticulous attention to detail in the room designs, and the plethora of amenities that Student Beehive offers. From the economical yet stylish room options to the lively communal areas designed to foster friendship and community, a viewing will allow you to soak in the buzzing atmosphere and envision the comfortable and enriching living experience we offer.

We understand that choosing the right accommodation is a significant decision, which is why we offer both virtual and physical viewings to suit your convenience. Virtual viewings allow you to explore our accommodations from the comfort of your home, providing a 360-degree view of our facilities. For physical viewings, we maintain all necessary COVID-19 protocols to ensure a safe and reassuring environment for our visitors.

To arrange a viewing, simply reach out to us through our official website or contact us via phone to set up a suitable time. Our friendly team will be delighted to assist you and answer any questions you might have during your visit.

Do you have to stay in halls at university in Leicester?

No, staying in halls is not a compulsory requirement for students at the University of Leicester. While many students do prefer to stay in halls, especially in their first year to immerse themselves in the vibrant student community and to easily forge new friendships, there are various other accommodation options available, including the offerings at Student Beehive.

Student Beehive presents a rich palette of accommodation options to choose from based on individual preferences and needs. Apart from halls, which foster a vibrant community and offer a hub of activities, they offer a range of other accommodations including chic studio apartments for those who prefer a quieter environment with a personal touch, as well as shared spaces designed to encourage community and friendship. These spaces provide students with a nurturing home away from home.

Moreover, these accommodations are both economical and stylish, allowing students to live in a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing environment. The strategic location near the city centre provides students with rich opportunities for personal and academic growth, all while being situated within a safe and secure environment overseen by trustworthy guardians such as Sulets.

Therefore, while staying in halls can be a great choice offering a rich community experience, it is not a compulsory one. Students have the liberty to choose an accommodation option that aligns with their preferences, ensuring a personalized and fulfilling university experience in Leicester.