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Benefits of choosing a Leicester Studio as your Student Accommodation

Article writen by: Abby
19 April 2021

When you’re moving to university you want to make sure the place you call home is perfect - so if you’re coming to Leicester you’re in luck! Our Leicester accommodation has never been easier to choose from thanks to the luxurious, stylish studios Student Beehive offers. Wondering why you should pick a studio for your Student accommodation Leicester? Check out these benefits of staying in a Leicester student studio with us...

Everything Under one roof
The benefit of living in any studio is that you get everything under one roof! You’ll have your very own kitchen and lavatory facilities; so you can style and decorate this however you please. It makes your student experience a lot easier as you can do as you please, cook whenever you like without the worry of disturbing anyone else’s routines.

Saves you money
And if you stay with us, all the essential furniture is provided. You won’t need to go out to buy kettles, microwaves, storage or wardrobes - we sort it all for you. You can move into a home knowing everything you need will be there. And by choosing Student Beehive you’ll have fantastic quality furniture that gives a modern and stylish vibe.

Easy to clean
Since the whole place is yours, you won’t need to worry about it turning into a mess (unless you are the messy one in a group). You can put things away with confidence knowing everything will stay exactly how you left it. 

The layout of all our Leicester student studios give a homely and cosy environment. Here you can live however you like with no complaints; chill out and read a book in your peaceful home or dance around to your favourite hits. The space is all yours.

Beehive extras
So now you know the benefits of staying in a studio, but what makes Student Beehive Leicester Studios the best? We’ll tell you…

When you stay here, you not only get a fantastic stylish living space, but you also get all your bills covered! On average, an electric bill for a studio apartment can cover over £1000 per year - but you won’t have to spend a penny! 

You also get a fantastic onsite gym with your room, a great common room to socialise in and a beautiful garden to enjoy the sunshine in!