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Find the Perfect Student Accommodation in Loughborough

Article writen by: Abby
28 April 2024

Are you a student looking for the perfect place to live in Loughborough? Look no further! In this article, we will explore the best student accommodation options in Loughborough, providing you with all the information you need to make an informed decision. From university accommodation to student areas and room options, Loughborough has a diverse range of choices to suit every student's needs. Keep reading to discover the top student accommodation options in this vibrant town.

Key takeaways

  • Loughborough offers a wide range of student accommodation options, catering to various preferences and budgets
  • Loughborough University provides convenient and modern on-campus accommodation for students
  • The town boasts lively student areas where students can find accommodation
  • There are different types of rooms available in Loughborough, including ensuite rooms, standard studios, and superior studios
  • Loughborough offers a diverse selection of properties, ensuring that university students can find their ideal living space
  • The accommodation facilities in Loughborough are top-notch, designed with the comfort and convenience of students in mind
  • Affordable and premium accommodation options are readily available in Loughborough

Variety of housing options for students including studios, shared apartments, and private bedrooms

Student Accommodation Options in Loughborough

Are you excited about starting your journey as a student in Loughborough? One of the first things you need to consider is finding the perfect student accommodation. Luckily, Loughborough offers a variety of options to suit every student's needs. Whether you prefer to live in a student block or enjoy the privacy of your own room, Loughborough has it all. With a range of choices, including ensuite rooms, standard studios, and superior studios, students are sure to find the perfect fit.

Loughborough provides students with a diverse selection of accommodation options. The town's student housing market is known for its vast range of properties, ensuring that students can find a place that suits their preferences. From small and cozy rooms to spacious studios, Loughborough has something for everyone. With various types of student accommodation available, students can choose the option that best fits their lifestyle and budget.

On-campus dormitory building with easy access to university facilities

University Accommodation in Loughborough

If you prefer the convenience of living on campus, Loughborough University offers excellent on-campus accommodation options. The university provides well-equipped and modern halls of residence for its students. Choosing university accommodation allows you to live within close proximity to the university facilities, making your daily commute a breeze.

Loughborough University's halls of residence offer a safe and supportive environment for students. You can enjoy the benefits of living in a close-knit community, where you can easily make friends and participate in various social activities. The university accommodation is designed to meet the needs of students, providing you with comfortable living spaces and easy access to the university's amenities.

Vibrant student district with trendy cafes, shops, and entertainment venues

Student Areas in Loughborough

Not only does Loughborough offer great student accommodation options, but it is also home to vibrant student areas. These student-friendly areas are where you can find a bustling atmosphere and a sense of community amongst fellow students. The city centre and town centre are two popular student areas in Loughborough, offering a wide range of accommodation choices.

Living in Loughborough's student areas allows you to immerse yourself in the lively and dynamic student community. You will have easy access to shops, restaurants, cafes, and entertainment venues, ensuring that your student life is filled with excitement and convenience. Choosing a student area as your accommodation location gives you the opportunity to experience the vibrant side of Loughborough.

Luxurious ensuite bathroom with modern amenities and stylish decor

Room Options for Students in Loughborough

As a student in Loughborough, you have the freedom to choose from a variety of room options. Whether you prefer ensuite rooms for added privacy or standard studios for a more independent living experience, Loughborough has it all. The town offers a range of choices to suit different budgets and lifestyles, ensuring that every student can find their perfect living space.

The room options in Loughborough cater to various preferences. Ensuite rooms are ideal for those who value privacy and convenience, as they come with private bathrooms. Standard studios provide a cozy and comfortable living space, perfect for students who enjoy their own personal sanctuary. For those seeking more luxury, superior studios offer spacious and high-quality accommodation. Whatever your preference, Loughborough has a room option that will make you feel right at home.

Property Choices for University Students in Loughborough

Loughborough understands the housing needs of university students and provides a wide array of property choices. Whether you prefer to live on campus or in private accommodations close to the university, Loughborough has options that suit all preferences. The campus offers a range of halls of residence, such as Radmoor House, where you can enjoy a convenient and enriching university experience.

Off-campus, you can find various private accommodations tailored to your preferences. From shared houses to apartments, Loughborough provides university students with an extensive selection of housing options. These properties are located in convenient locations, ensuring easy access to the university and other amenities. With a diverse range of properties, Loughborough ensures that you can find your ideal living space as a university student.

Modern student lounge with study area and vending machines and gyms

Accommodation Facilities for Students in Loughborough

When it comes to accommodation facilities, Loughborough does not disappoint. The town offers top-notch amenities and services to ensure a comfortable living experience for students. Whether you choose university accommodation or private accommodations, you can expect modern and well-maintained facilities that cater to your needs.

Loughborough's accommodation facilities are designed with the comfort and convenience of students in mind. You can enjoy spacious common areas, laundry facilities, high-speed internet, and 24/7 security to ensure your safety. Some popular accommodation options, such as Kingfisher Halls, even offer on-site gyms and study spaces to enhance your student life. With these excellent facilities, Loughborough provides students with everything they need for a fulfilling and enjoyable living experience.

Affordable Student Accommodation in Loughborough

Being a student often means budgeting and looking for affordable options. Fortunately, Loughborough offers numerous affordable student accommodation options that won't break the bank. Whether you choose university accommodation or private accommodations, you can find options that suit your budget.

Loughborough understands the financial concerns of students and ensures that affordable accommodation is readily available. Forest Court, for example, offers cost-effective student accommodation while still providing excellent amenities and a supportive community. With these affordable living arrangements, you can focus on your studies and student life without worrying about your finances.

Premium Accommodation Choices for Students in Loughborough

If you're seeking a higher-end living experience, Loughborough also provides premium accommodation choices. These luxurious options are designed for students who want to indulge in a more upscale lifestyle. Kingfisher Halls, for instance, offers high-quality student accommodation with top-of-the-line facilities and a range of exclusive amenities.

Loughborough understands that some students desire a more luxurious living space, and thus offers these premium options. By choosing premium accommodation in Loughborough, you can enjoy spacious rooms, elegant interiors, and access to luxurious amenities such as a private cinema or a rooftop terrace. These accommodations provide a unique and prestigious living experience for students who appreciate the finer things in life.

In summary, Loughborough offers a variety of student accommodation options, including university accommodation, private accommodations in student areas, and a range of room choices. The town's student-friendly areas provide a vibrant atmosphere, while the accommodation facilities ensure comfort and convenience. Whether you are looking for affordable options or a premium living experience, Loughborough has something to offer every student. Now that you have explored the best student accommodation options in Loughborough, the next step is to determine which one suits your needs and preferences. So, what are you waiting for? Start your search and secure your dream accommodation in Loughborough today!

Do you have any questions about the student accommodation options in Loughborough? Which aspect of student living is most important to you? Join the conversation and share your thoughts below!

What is the best accommodation at Loughborough University?

At Loughborough University, Student Beehive offers some of the best accommodation options for students seeking convenience, comfort, and community. Our properties are designed with students in mind, featuring modern amenities, high-speed internet, and various room types to suit different needs and budgets. Located conveniently close to campus, Student Beehive accommodations ensure that students have easy access to their classes, university facilities, and local shops and eateries. Our dedicated staff are always on hand to assist and ensure a welcoming and supportive environment, making Student Beehive a top choice for students looking for quality and reliability in their university housing.

What is the cheapest student accommodation in Loughborough?

For students seeking budget-friendly housing options in Loughborough, Student Beehive offers a variety of affordable accommodations. Our properties are designed to cater to different financial needs without compromising on quality and comfort. Options such as shared rooms or apartments with multiple bedrooms can significantly reduce living costs, making them ideal for students on a tighter budget. Additionally, our accommodations include utilities and access to facilities, helping students manage their expenses better. By choosing Student Beehive, students can enjoy a comfortable living environment at a competitive price, ensuring they can focus more on their studies and less on financial stress.

Where do students live in Loughborough?

In Loughborough, students commonly reside in a variety of housing options that cater to different preferences and budgets. Many choose to live in student halls of residence, which are located both on and off the university campus. These halls are popular due to their proximity to university facilities and the inclusive community atmosphere they offer.

Additionally, a significant number of students opt for private rented accommodation in areas around the town. Popular neighborhoods for students include the Golden Triangle, an area close to the university that is favored for its vibrant student community and easy access to both campus and town amenities. Another favored spot is the area around Ashby Road, which is well-serviced by local shops and transport links.

Student Beehive Loughborough also provides high-quality private accommodation, offering a range of options from studio apartments to en-suite rooms in shared flats. These accommodations are designed with students’ needs in mind, providing modern amenities and social spaces to enhance their living experience while studying in Loughborough.

What is included in Loughborough student accommodation?

At Student Beehive Loughborough, our accommodations are designed to ensure that students have everything they need for a comfortable and convenient living experience. Each of our properties is equipped with modern amenities tailored to student needs. Here’s what students can expect:

  • Furnished Rooms: All accommodations come fully furnished, including beds, desks, chairs, and wardrobes, ensuring students can settle in easily without the need for additional furniture.
  • Utilities Included: To simplify budgeting for students, all utility bills (gas, electricity, water) are included in the rent. This helps students manage their finances more effectively without worrying about monthly bill variations.
  • High-Speed Internet: Recognizing the importance of connectivity for studies and social life, high-speed Wi-Fi is available throughout our properties at no extra cost.
  • Laundry Facilities: On-site laundry facilities are available, making it convenient for students to manage their clothing care without needing to travel far.
  • Common Areas: Our accommodations often feature shared common areas such as lounges, games rooms, and study spaces where students can socialize and collaborate on academic projects.
  • Security: Security is a top priority, with CCTV surveillance and secure entry systems in place to ensure students' safety at all times.
  • Maintenance Support: Quick and responsive maintenance support is available to address any issues that may arise, ensuring a comfortable living environment.

By offering these comprehensive services, Student Beehive aims to provide a hassle-free accommodation experience, allowing students to focus more on their studies and enjoy their university life to the fullest.