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Five Ways To Make Your Student Flat Feel Like Home

Article writen by: Annabel Easton
20 July 2022

We’ve partnered with John Lewis, who are using their ANYDAY range to show us how to make student accommodation in Leicester feel and look like home. If you’re moving in to a student flat this year, here are some of their tips and tricks to make the most of your space.


Invest in essential items

Everyone needs bedding, towels and cutlery, but there are many essential items that are often forgotten in student homes. Things like bottle openers, chopping boards, key racks, and toothbrush holders are used daily – but it’s easy to forget how useful they are! Invest in these items as they will help your space feel like home, and ensure you have everything you need for keeping your space organised.


Put up photos & wall hangings

Walls are there to be decorated, so make the most of yours! Put up pictures, plants, hang wall decorations or fairy lights. Making the most of your wall space will help to brighten up your flat and make it feel more like home. If you’re restricted by how you can decorate your walls, invest in some command strips which won’t damage the paint, or use no-mark blue tac to hang lighter items.


Add soft furnishings

Cushions, rugs and blankets can make the world of difference when it comes to making your home feel cosy. Soft furnishings will also be perfect for helping to keep your space warm in the winter and ensuring you have a comfy space for visitors to sit when they come over!


Make room for the small things

New homes always have more space than you expect. After settling in to your new space, make room for some of the smaller comforts like plants, coasters and books. These items make a big difference in making your new space feel like home.


Make use of the space you have

Utilise free spaces to be make the most of the room in your flat. Empty areas such as under the bed, or on top of the wardrobe make great spots to store clothes or books. Invest in storage boxes or baskets and use them to store less used items like winter clothes or study books.


If you’re moving into a student home this year, we hope this list helps you to make a plan for how you want your new space to look. We recommend taking the time to fill and style your new home until you’re happy with the result. Student homes might be temporary, but taking the time to make the space your own will make the world of difference whilst you are living there.