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What to expect from fresher’s week 2022

Article writen by: Beth
17 September 2022

What to expect from fresher’s week 2022

Freshers’ week, or fortnight as it has become, is one of the most memorable weeks at Leicester University. For most, it’s their first time living alone and there’s a lot to adapt to, whilst also a lot of fun to be had as serval night-time and daytime events. As an employee of rockstar promotions, I have the inside scoop on the top freshers’ events and how to attend them.

Must attend freshers’ events

Friday and Wednesday nights at the 02 are some of the more important events during fresher’s week. Wednesday nights are very popular at the o2 every week after freshers and Fridays can host some nice events, but these tend to not be as popular as Wednesdays.

Wednesday 28th September and 5th October

Kicking off with the first Wednesdays back we have a UV party and circus party at the O2 Academy in Leicester situated on campus. These will be large-scale events and likely the busiest of the year, so I’d recommend getting tickets early. If you are not yet part of a sports team, going with your flatmates is a great way to bond with them. Buses from Oadby will be provided.

Friday 30th September and 7th October

Friday at the O2 will host big names and is run by Shabang. On the first Friday, there will be a fresher’s rave featuring Shane Codd and Karen Harding. The second Friday will feature Danny T there will be thousands of VK giveaways! Fridays are not sports nights so attending these events with a group of friends will be ideal.

Monday 3rd October

The last essential freshers’ event will be the bar crawl on Monday the 3rd of October. This bar crawl is a fun way of discovering Leicester’s nightlife with friends. You will be taken around in groups to all the popular bars in Leicester city and get very drunk along the way. Everyone each year has very fond memories of the bar crawl and is a unique experience that only occurs once a year, so its attendance is highly recommended for all first years.

Sunday 9th October

The end of the big fresher’s week will be hosted at Athena. This is a formal event with food drink and photo booths. Dress to impress and expect performers and ‘the Beyonce experience”. This will sell out fast so be sure to get your tickets early. This is also a formal event so be sure to dress appropriately in a nice dress or shirt and trousers.

Wristband only events

This year due to high volumes of sales of wristbands, some smaller events are wristband only. Don’t worry if you didn’t buy the wristband, as Fridays, Wednesdays, and the bar crawl as the most popular, and in my opinion, the best nights for freshers anyway. But for those of you lucky enough to snag one of the limited wrist bands this year, here is what you can expect to attend.

Monday 26th September

The first Monday of the week will host a student VIP fashion giveaway at Olivia Townhouse. There will be an Asos and pretty little things giveaway. With exclusive offers such as £4.50 cocktails.

Tuesday 27th September and 4th October

On the Tuesdays of fresher’s fortnight, events will be held at Locker Room, the events will include a Mexican tequila party and Frat Party. With beer pong, pool, and quizzes on the second-week frat party.

Thursday 29th September and 6th October

Thursdays will be hosted at R,Bar. The events include a freshers launch party and a love island party featuring Danica from love island. If you wish to meet the love island star from Leicester, be sure to visit on the second week of freshers.

Other events

Saturday the 8th of October, if you aren’t tired out by freshers by this point be sure to visit R/Bar for retro games, beer pong, and bingo with your newfound friends.

Oadby Fest will be held in Oadby student village on the 2nd of October, filled with games, bull riding, inflatables, food, and a DJ. This is a daytime event and can be a good laugh if attended

1st October, Circa Waves will be performing at the O2, so if you are a fan of their music id highly recommend you check them out

Other events on campus

Now that all the nights out are sorted, there are many events that take place during the day. Thursday and Friday before classes start will be jam-packed with daytime events on campus. Many give it a go sessions for sports teams will also be hosted during fresher’s week so be sure to check the Instagram or Facebook pages of the teams you wish to try out for more information

Sports and activities fair

Oadby sports fair on 27th September will be hosted in Oadby and give freshers the chance to look into sports teams they wish to join. Whether you are a complete beginner or an expert at your sport please check out the sports fairs to get information on training times, team memberships, and give-it-a-go sessions.

28th September- 29th September, the sports, and activities fair, as well as the freshers fair will be hosted on campus during this time. Many freebies will be given out including many sweets, pens, tote bags, and other cool and wacky freebies. Vouchers and coupons are also often given out.

Feel good Friday

30th September will feature feel good Friday which you will need a ticket for. It includes a range of calming activities to help you settle into your student accommodation in Leicester, and for returners, you can enjoy returning after your long summer holidays. Events will include bath bomb making, pet a puppy, yoga class, and a craft corner.

Final words

As you can see there is plenty to do during the fresher’s fortnight on campus and around Leicester itself. Be sure to soak up as much as possible and enjoy every moment of your next adventure.  Whether you are excited to join in on the famous Wednesday socials at the O2 or spend time with friends in the craft corner there is something for everyone. I’d recommend following Leicester Fresher, Leicester Union, and Lets Disko on Instagram for the latest updates on freshers’ events and all events on and around campus. Remember to stay safe and have fun this freshers’.

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