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Our Top 10 Best Study Spots in Loughborough

Article writen by: Abby
14 June 2023

As a proud Loughborough student and a resident at Student Beehive's accommodation, let me introduce you to the top 10 best study spots in the lovely town of Loughborough. Studying is more than just books and notes; it's about finding a space that allows your thoughts to flourish and creativity to bloom. So, let's begin this journey and discover these exceptional spaces that contribute to the intellectual growth of Loughborough students!

  1. Loughborough University Library

  2. Sitting atop our list is the famous Loughborough University Library. A stone’s throw away from most Loughborough student accommodation, the library is an epitome of tranquillity and focus. With rooms for students seeking a quiet atmosphere, it provides an excellent environment for all types of learners. The staff are warm and friendly, always eager to help. Extended hours during exam periods are an added advantage, making the library an unrivalled study spot.

    Loughborough university student studying on stairs

  3. Pilkington Library

  4. A vital part of the university of Loughborough accommodation, Pilkington Library is another favourite for many students. The library offers a variety of study zones catering to different preferences. You can choose from silent rooms, group work areas or even lively sections. Also, the vast collection of academic resources is a boon. Pilkington library truly embodies the spirit of a Loughborough student, fostering intellectual curiosity.

  5. The Students' Union

  6. Learning extends beyond books and lecture halls. The Students' Union is a testament to this philosophy. Here, you can take a break from your typical rooms for students and savour a hot cup of coffee or a quick snack. There are numerous power sockets for your electronic devices, and the chilled vibe perfectly complements study sessions. The union is a great spot to connect and share ideas, shaping the vibrant community of Loughborough students.

    Loughborough university The Students' Union

  7. Loughborough Town Library

  8. Venturing out from the university of Loughborough accommodation, the Town Library is an excellent alternative. It offers a serene environment, unlike the bustling university campus. The peaceful atmosphere is often preferred by those who need a break from the usually crowded houses and homes for students in Loughborough.

    Loughborough university student at Peter Pizzeria

  9. Peter Pizzeria

  10. A surprising entry, but indeed a favourite among many students, is Peter Pizzeria. This delightful place offers a unique combination of lip-smacking food and a comfortable study atmosphere. It's perfect for those looking for a balance between pleasure and work, reflecting the dynamic lifestyle of a Loughborough student.

  11. The Link Hotel

  12. A Loughborough student accommodation is more than just houses; it's about exploring various settings to enhance the learning experience. The Link Hotel is one such unique place. With its cosy lounge area, it serves as a refreshing change from the usual accommodation Loughborough offers.

  13. Loughborough Park

  14. Nature can be an inspiring teacher. The Loughborough Park is the epitome of this philosophy. This park offers a serene environment that nurtures creativity and concentration. If you're someone who loves the outdoors and is looking for an escape from the student housing, then this park might be your perfect study spot.

  15. Coffee Shops Around Town

  16. Loughborough boasts an impressive collection of cosy coffee shops. Places like Dolcino and Carillon Court are popular spots among students. The warm, welcoming ambience coupled with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee creates an atmosphere conducive to studying. They also offer a great opportunity to socialise and network with fellow students.

    Loughborough university student at Peter Pizzeria

  17. The Elite Athlete Centre and Hotel

  18. Not limited to sports enthusiasts, the Elite Athlete Centre and Hotel is a unique spot offering a quiet, relaxed space for studying. Away from the traditional student accommodation, you can book student accommodation for a day to experience a different study setting.

  19. Your Own Room in Student Housing

  20. Last but not least, your room within the student housing can be an ideal study spot. With personalised comfort and zero travel time, it is the most convenient and often the most comfortable option.

These are my top 10 study spots in Loughborough. Whether you are a new student looking for accommodation in Loughborough or a seasoned Loughborough resident, finding the perfect study spot is a unique journey that greatly enhances your university experience. It is all about understanding what works for you, what inspires you, and where you feel most productive. From the libraries within the university accommodation to the serene park and the comforting coffee shops, Loughborough offers a plethora of options. Explore these study spots and let Loughborough mould your study experience. Happy studying!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Study Spot on Campus?
The best study spot on campus can vary according to individual preferences. However, a top contender for most students at Loughborough University is the Pilkington Library. The library provides a diverse range of study environments to cater to different needs. From silent study rooms, ideal for intensive focus and deep work, to more lively, collaborative areas that facilitate group work and discussion. The library also provides a vast collection of academic resources, including books, academic journals, and digital resources. Its central location on campus makes it easily accessible, regardless of where your accommodation is. Extended opening hours during peak study periods are an additional convenience. The Pilkington Library, with its offerings, creates an environment that supports the learning, research, and information needs of all its students.
Why do Students Choose Loughborough City?
Students choose Loughborough for several reasons. Loughborough University is a top-rated institution known for its excellent teaching, research, and student experience. The town of Loughborough complements this with its student-friendly atmosphere. There's a wide range of student accommodation options available, from university halls to private housing. The city offers a vibrant nightlife and an array of cafes, restaurants, and shops, making it a lively place to live and study. Additionally, its location in the heart of England, with easy access to major cities like London, Birmingham, and Nottingham, adds to its appeal. Lastly, the sense of community is strong in Loughborough, with students often citing the friendly, welcoming nature of the town and its residents as a key factor in their decision to choose Loughborough.
Is Loughborough a Good Student City?
Yes, Loughborough is indeed a fantastic city for students. It's home to Loughborough University, consistently ranked among the best in the UK for student experience. The city is known for its friendly, community-focused atmosphere which makes students feel welcome and a part of the community. It offers a wide range of accommodation options, catering to all budgets and preferences. The town has an active nightlife with many clubs, bars, and eateries that are popular among students. Besides, Loughborough's location in the East Midlands provides excellent transport links, enabling students to explore other major cities relatively easily. Also, the city is surrounded by beautiful countryside, providing ample opportunities for outdoor activities and exploration. In summary, Loughborough successfully blends academic excellence with a lively social scene and a warm, community vibe, making it an ideal city for students.