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Returning to your Leicester student accommodation after Christmas

Article writen by: Jodie
22 December 2022

Christmas is over, and it's time for college kids to go back to the grind. Don't take the cosy celebrations with loved ones for granted, though, because the first few days back in a dorm, apartment, or shared house can be quite a shock! Winter is the time of year when many Leicester college students return to their dorms or apartments after a long break to find that their landlords haven't bothered to heat or maintain the premises.

Here are some terrific ideas to make your student accommodation in Leicester feel more like home, whether you're heading back to school this fall as a college or university student or if you know someone who is.

Ideas For Your Student accommodation in Leicester

Ideas For Your Student accommodation in Leicester

Avoid the temptation of bare walls

Your room is a place of peace and safety where you may unwind and feel secure. Since most Leicester student accommodation are intended to be personalized by their residents over time, they can feel a bit soulless at first. However, there are simple and inexpensive methods to make your dorm room feel more like you in no time.

Longing for the company of your loved ones? Having a photo collage hanging on the wall is a great way to keep precious memories and family, and friends close at hand. Add some sparkle to the walls of your dorm room with a set of fairy lights if you're feeling creative.

Student studio with cusions in Leicester

Put some colour into your furnishings!

All the bits of detail and colour that have been acquired over time are what make a Leicester studio a home. In the form of heirlooms and ornaments, new seasonal decorations, or cosy throw pillows. A student's Leicester dorm room at any level of education is a fantastic place to begin a personal collection.

Instead of buying new, bulky furniture like cumbersome wooden cupboards and room-hogging wardrobes, make innovative use of your current pieces. As a first step in sprucing up your living quarters, we advise amassing a variety of vibrant scatter pillows to adorn your seating group, mattress, and window ledges.

Rest comfortably at student studios Leicester

The bed is the one thing that most college students in Leicester say they miss the most from back at home, according to a famous anecdote. Why? Many people have formed indelible associations with their duvets and pillows from childhood. That's why we suggest upgrading to more luxurious bedding as the next step in improving your quality of life.

Instead of buying a new mattress if you're not in the market for one, a good mattress topper can help even out the surface and eliminate the most bothersome bumps.

Tidy desk in Leicester student studio

Keep your work area clean and organized.

This is the part you've been dreading, and we know it! It's easy for a student's living quarters in Leicester to get cluttered and disorganized when there's no one from home to maintain a regular cleaning schedule. If you have the basics of cleaning supplies, though, you can make this chore a breeze and restore that at-home feeling to your dorm or apartment at university.

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