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Selecting Accommodation for Leicester University

Article writen by: Annabel Easton
22 August 2022

Finding suitable student accommodation Leicester might significantly improve your time spent studying. If you want to choose the best place to stay for your commute to and from Leicester university, you should know where your classes are held on campus. It is also recommended that you write down your values. There is a lot to think about, and we're here to help.

Across all of Student Beehive's locations, you'll find luxurious and reasonably priced options for student accommodation Leicester. You will have a room that is both modern and attractive, as well as a large area that you can call your own. Let's consider the factors you must consider while selecting the best Leicester uni accommodation. 

Tips for Selecting the Best Leicester Uni Accommodation

Try To Find Affordable Accommodation That Meets Your Needs

Although it may not be the most exciting portion, the first step is to figure out how much money you have to spend. You can use this to narrow your search for a place to live, whether on campus, in a private apartment, through a homestay program, or in a shared house with other students.

Attending an on-campus institution will be significantly more expensive than attending an online college. Still, you may feel that the additional amenities and support (such as food and tuition) are worth the higher price.

You should also be practical; renting a luxurious apartment in the city can be out of the question while still within your student budget. Don't forget to look into grants and scholarships that your university may provide and any government grants you may be eligible for, such as Rent Assistance or Relocation Scholarships.

Select the Type of Accommodation

Once you have a defined budget, research the expenses of various student housing options to find one that works within your constraints. Private or university halls are likely ideal if you prefer to live with other students or if you want to expand your social network quickly. A private room is the most outstanding choice for more independence.

Consider the benefits and drawbacks of each lodging option by doing some research. Once you've made your choice, you must submit all the necessary application materials on time by checking the application deadline.

Conduct Research

Researching all of your potential accommodations is crucial. This entails showing up for rental inspections and open houses, having a good look around, and talking to housing advisors at the respective institutions.

In addition, you should have some kind of checklist handy to help you keep track of your needs as you explore potential solutions. When you finally get the keys and move in, you don't want to discover any issues you should have caught before signing the papers.

Compare the upsides and downsides

Consider the benefits and drawbacks of each student accommodation Leicester as you make your decision. Remember that locating the ideal Leicester uni accommodation will be difficult, and there will always be some drawbacks associated with the many possibilities you consider.

Renting a house with a bunch of your pals from school could be fun, but it might not be the most brilliant move if you want to do well at Leicester University. On-campus housing allows you to sleep in until just before your lecture, but it can be pricey and may not provide you with the freedom you crave.

Become organized

You must be very organized when making your accommodation arrangements. This includes things like applying for on-campus housing promptly, not putting off your rental search until the month before classes begin, and keeping your roommates on track with their responsibilities (like making their bond payment on time or showing up for property inspections) if you're applying for housing with a group of friends.

Consider the Location

Guests at a student lodging should prioritize proximity to the university while making reservations. So that you don't waste time and money commuting, this should ideally be within walking distance! Not only will you save money over time on transportation costs, but you'll also have more time on your hands as you won't have to spend it waiting for a bus.

But, there are additional factors besides convenience to think about. The location's security is also a significant consideration. Last but not least, think about how close it is to essential services like public transit, medical facilities, and grocery stores. You can quickly look this up on the internet.

Check Out the Best Student Accommodation Leicester for Comfort and Convenience 

Check out our Leicester student studios if you're searching for university housing in Leicester and would like a little more privacy and comfort. Leicester's wide variety of student housing options is unrivalled. The rent is all-inclusive, and there is a free on-site gym, a standard room, and free Wi-Fi.

You can choose to live in a home with other students if that's more your style or choose from a variety of private studio and one-bedroom apartments that come fully furnished and equipped for your time in Leicester. We have various dorms and room layouts, from recent independent living quarters to more conventional dormitory settings. Your seclusion and ease of mind are guaranteed. Our goal is to provide not just a beautiful space but also an exceptional educational environment for the student.

What Makes Us Stand Out?


Having everything you need in your studio apartment is a significant perk. You'll get your fully-equipped kitchen and bathroom; feel free to customize it in any way you like. The freedom to come and go as you choose and prepare meals at any hour of the day or night makes college life much more manageable.


You won't have to worry about furnishing your space when you stay with us. We take care of all the small details, so you don't have to, like ensuring you have a place to put your clothes and heat your food. All your necessities, including furniture, are included in the home's purchase price. If you're looking for high-quality furniture with a contemporary and chic feel, look no further than Student Beehive.

Clean quickly 

You don't have to worry about a thing getting messed up here because it's all yours (unless you are the messy one in a group). Your belongings will remain where you set them so that you may put them away with complete peace of mind.


Our studio apartments for students in Leicester have been thoughtfully designed to provide a warm and inviting space. Here, you are free to do as you like; nobody will bother you, whether relaxing with a good book at home or getting down to your favourite tunes on the dance floor. This area is exclusively yours!