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Student Life in Leicester

Article writen by: Super User
05 October 2020

With home to around 300,000 inhabitants, Leicester is the perfect example of a contemporary city. It’s rich with history yet steeped in modernity. One of its key traits is culturally diverse nature. Out of its 300,000 inhabitants, around 40,000 are students, which gives it a significant number of vibrant & young people.

If you’re looking to study in Leicester, you need to look beyond college or university's reputation. You need to ensure that the city offers the kind of lifestyle where you can have fun during your stay as a student, and you won’t hesitate to call it your home.

So what’s the student life like in terms of student accommodation there? Let’s find out!

Student Accommodation Leicester

You’ll find all kinds of student accommodation in Leicester, including simple & affordable to stylish and luxurious hostels, flats, student homes, etc.

Coming to the UK as a student, particularly to Leicester, is a great idea because of education and infrastructure quality. It’s like a dream come true, but there’s a cost associated with it. Depending on where you live in Leicester, the accommodation costs may vary.

If you want to study in a superior quality institute and want your money to go a long way, Leicester is the perfect option. It’s regarded as the UK’s most affordable destination for international students seeking quality education.

Accommodation Cost in Leicester

Depending on where you live in the city, the accommodation cost varies. Let’s say you live in the city center where you can access everything quickly; the accommodation cost will be higher than living far from the city center.

  • Monthly rent for 900 sqft accommodation in a normal area is around £700.
  • Monthly rent for a student studio Leicester in an expensive area is around £730.
  • Monthly utility bills in 900 sqft accommodation cost around £120.

The Typical Cost of Food & Travel in Leicester

If you’re planning to study in Leicester and are concerned about the cost of living, then it pays to know about it beforehand. It will help you prepare yourself accordingly and manage your budget. Generally, the cost of living that includes food & travel, remains the same across the city. The cost of dining in high-end restaurants is higher. Since you’re a student, you won’t be spending much of your time in high-end restaurants.

Here are a few cost of living in Leicester.

Food, drink, and beverages cost

  • Inexpensive Restaurant: £6 – £25
  • Mid-range restaurant (meal for 2): £30 – £50
  • 5 Litre Water: £1.04 – £1.50
  • Takeout Coffee: £2.00 – £4.00
  • Bottle of Coke: £1.51
  • 1 Litre Milk: £0.90
  • A loaf of Fresh White Bread: £0.80 – £1.10
  • Pub: £4.00
  • Eggs One Dozen: £1.84 – £2.00
  • Cinema ticket: £7 – £12.00

Cost of Traveling Within the City

  • Taxi trip per 5 miles: £11
  • Monthly public transportation pass: £58
  • Adult Day: Leicester zone one with Arriva – £4.30
  • Academic Year Student: £1.20 per day
  • Adult Day – Leicester with Stagecoach – £4.50
  • Adult weekly – Leicester with Stagecoach – £15.00
  • Price of a taxi – £3.50 (start fee) and £1.86 (per km)

Where to Eat In Leicester

As you live and study in Leicester, food is something you’re going to interact with daily. In my early days, I was concerned about it the most. However, it faded away as I find out that Leicester has great food options. Whether you’re looking to grab a coffee or sandwich on your way to the college or a lavish fine-dine night, there are plenty of options to play with.

The larger part of the student population loves McDonald’s, but it’s just one of the many options. You can eat a meal at an inexpensive restaurant at an average cost of £6 and £25. A meal for two at a mid-range restaurant can cost up to £50.

Leicester has all major international food chains and a good collection of local restaurants too. Whether you want to eat a pizza, burger, traditional Indian food, or vegan meal, the options are not limited.

Nightlife in Leicester

When living in Leicester as a student, quality of study isn’t the only thing you should be concerned about. Nightlife and nightclub scene is also something to look into because that’s where you’ll refresh your mind.

Fortunately, Leicester has enough to offer with its nightlife. The electric offerings I found in the city include pubs, bars, clubs, and restaurants. It may not be par with other major metropolitans of the UK, but it has something to tickle everybody’s fancy.

Leicester has clubs and bars that offer student events from Monday to Friday. Some clubs have extras for students that includes exciting discounts, fun activities, games, music, free drinks, and much more. Some clubs have special offerings for students of particular universities. Every night brings its own excitement and fun for Leicester students as clubs and bars across Leicester continue providing fun-filled nights.

Apart from its nightclubs, the live music scene is also vibrant. Up until now, I’m a frequent goer to 9 different live music venues. It includes the De Montfort Hall, The Cookie, The Musician, Firebug, 2Funky Music Cafe, The Shed, Morningside Arena, 02 Academy, and The Soundhouse. The best part about the live music scene of Leicester is its variety of musical offerings. There’s something for the students from every culture.

Where To Stay In Leicester — Student Studios Leicester?

Regent road

Situated in some of the most elegant, comfortable, and peaceful neighborhoods are Regent Road, Renaissance House, and Salisbury Road. If you’re studying at the University of Leicester Medical School, then Regent Road is perfect for you for its peaceful and prestigious neighborhood. I found this place one of the best across Leicester. Here, you’ll get an onsite gym, free washing & drying, cinema room, bike storage facility, high spec kitchen, and free internet.

Renaissance house

There’s nothing better than studying in Leicester and having a place to live just across the city center. Situated on Princess Road West, Renaissance House is a perfectly fine place to enjoy Leicester's student life. If you’re enrolled in DeMontfort University or the University of Leicester, then it’s an ideal location for you. You’ll have quick access to the university and nightlife of Leicester. With onsite management, parking, free laundry, well-equipped gym, and free internet, this place is perfect for a cost-effective stay at Leicester.

Salisbury Road

Salisbury road student accommodation in Leicester has a range of wonderful amenities for students. It’s located in a sophisticated environment with all the modern amenities you can ask for—most popular places like parks, museums, restaurants, and colleges.

Word of Advice

Speaking from my own experience, Leicester is the most affordable study destination in the UK. The accommodation, food, and travel costs are the best than anywhere else. Living in Leicester as a student doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have fun. If you want to remember your stay as a Leicester student, then enjoy the nightclubs around the city and gather unforgettable memories.