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Things to Remember Before Travelling Home for Christmas as a Loughborough Student

Article writen by: Abby
08 December 2023

Preparing for the Festive Journey from Loughborough University

As the festive season draws near, students at Loughborough University begin planning their journey home. This transition from the bustling life of Loughborough student accommodation to the warmth of a family Christmas involves more than just packing a bag. It's a shift from the independent university life at Loughborough to the familiar comforts of home. Before you leave the halls of residence or your private accommodation, a checklist is essential to ensure everything is in order. From securing your accommodation in Loughborough to finalizing academic obligations, each step is crucial for a stress-free holiday season.

Securing Your Loughborough Accommodation

Security is paramount when leaving your Loughborough accommodation for the holidays. Whether you're in a private flat, Student Beehive accommodation, or university halls of residence, it’s vital to ensure all doors and windows are securely locked. Notify the accommodation centre of your departure dates to keep them informed. This is especially important in shared student accommodation, where the safety of your belongings and that of your flatmates' is a shared responsibility. Checking in with the accommodation hub or centre can provide additional peace of mind while you’re away.

Loughborough students managing utilities

Managing Accommodation Utilities and Responsibilities

Before heading home from Loughborough University, it’s important to manage your accommodation utilities responsibly. This includes turning off all electrical appliances to prevent any hazards and conserve energy. If you’re staying in halls of residence or private accommodation, ensure that heating is set to an appropriate level to avoid pipes freezing in winter but also to save on unnecessary energy consumption. Clearing out perishables from communal kitchens and ensuring all personal items are stored safely are also key steps. Students in flats in Loughborough or those renting private accommodation should also consider any rental agreements or landlord requirements that need to be adhered to during the winter break.

Academic Commitments and Campus Resources

Before you depart for the holidays, make sure to wrap up any lingering academic commitments. This could include submitting assignments, returning library books, or preparing for post-holiday exams. Loughborough campus offers a wealth of resources for students, so take advantage of these in the final days of the term. Check for any updated schedules or notices from the university, as campus facilities might have altered hours during the holiday season. For those in undergraduate or postgraduate studies, ensuring all academic responsibilities are met before travelling is essential to enjoy a worry-free break.

Packing Essentials and Travel Arrangements

When preparing to leave your Loughborough student accommodation, packing is more than just throwing clothes into a suitcase. It involves careful consideration of what you'll need over the break, including essential documents, academic materials, and any specific personal items that you can't leave behind. Remember, travel during the festive season can be hectic, so planning your journey from Loughborough in advance is crucial. Check travel routes, book tickets early, and be prepared for potential delays. For international students, this also means ensuring all travel documents and visas are in order for a smooth journey back to Loughborough University after the holidays.

Loughborough students door with a heart key

Staying Connected with Loughborough Friends

Leaving for the holidays doesn’t mean losing touch with the friends you’ve made at Loughborough. The bonds formed in university accommodation and on campus are important, so stay connected through social media, messages, or video calls. Sharing holiday experiences and plans for returning to Loughborough can keep the student community spirit alive, even when you're miles apart. For many, especially those far from home, maintaining these connections is vital for emotional support and combating feelings of homesickness or isolation over the festive period.

Smooth Transition from Loughborough University to Home

Preparing to travel home for Christmas from Loughborough University encompasses a range of considerations – from ensuring the security and maintenance of your accommodation to tying up academic loose ends and making travel arrangements. By following these essential steps, you can ensure a smooth transition from the vibrant student life at Loughborough to the festive cheer of home, carrying with you the experiences and memories made at university. Remember, it's these moments that enrich your journey as a Loughborough student, making each holiday season a chapter in your university life story.

Reflecting on the Term at Loughborough University

As you prepare to leave Loughborough, take a moment to reflect on the term gone by. It's a time to consider both the challenges you've overcome and the achievements you've made while at the university. Whether you've just completed your first term or are further along in your academic journey, each semester at Loughborough University offers new learning experiences and opportunities for personal growth. Reflecting on these can provide a sense of closure and accomplishment, making your time at home more fulfilling. For those in student accommodations or halls, this reflection is also a chance to think about the friendships forged, the lessons learned outside the classroom, and how these experiences have contributed to your personal and academic development.

Loughborough students travelling back on the train

Planning for the Return to Loughborough

While the focus is often on the journey home, it's also important to think ahead to your return to Loughborough University. Consider what you might want to bring back from home, whether it’s additional study materials, home comforts, or simply resolutions for the new term. Planning for your return can make the transition back to university life smoother and more manageable. For those living in student accommodations like the Student Beehive, this could mean setting goals for the next term, planning how to engage more with the Loughborough community, or simply deciding on new activities to try on campus. Looking forward to returning with a fresh perspective can invigorate your next term and enhance your overall experience at Loughborough University.

How can I ensure the security of my Loughborough accommodation over the Christmas break?

Before leaving for the holidays, make sure all windows and doors of your Loughborough student accommodation are securely locked. If you're in halls of residence or Student Beehive accommodations, inform the accommodation centre of your departure and return dates. It's also a good idea to remove any valuables from sight and, if possible, take important items with you. These steps will help ensure the security and safety of your living space during the holiday period.

What should I do with my belongings in my Loughborough University accommodation over the holidays?

In your Loughborough University accommodation, store your belongings securely and ensure that perishables are cleared from the kitchen. If you're in a shared flat or residence hall, coordinate with your roommates about items that can be left or should be taken care of. Label your belongings, especially in shared spaces, and consider taking valuable items home with you to avoid any potential loss or damage.

Are there any specific travel tips for Loughborough students heading home for Christmas?
When travelling home for Christmas, Loughborough students should plan their journey in advance, especially considering the busy festive travel period. Book tickets early, check for any travel disruptions, and allow extra time for your journey. Keep an eye on weather forecasts, as winter conditions can affect travel plans. Additionally, ensure you have all necessary travel documents, especially for international students, and keep them accessible during your journey.
How can international students at Loughborough University manage homesickness during the Christmas period?
International students at Loughborough University can manage homesickness during the Christmas period by staying connected with family and friends through video calls and messaging. Engaging with fellow students who might also be staying in Loughborough over the holidays can help. The university and various student organizations often host events during this period, which can be a great way to feel connected and part of the community.
What should I consider when packing to return to Loughborough University after the holidays?
When packing to return to Loughborough University, consider any additional study materials, clothing for the upcoming term, and personal items that might make your accommodation feel more homely. It's also a good opportunity to bring back any items you may have missed or realized were needed during your time away. Plan your packing to ensure you have everything you need for a smooth start to the new term.