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Celebrating Chinese New Year Virtually

Article writen by: Abby
10 February 2021

This year, celebrations will be a little different when it comes to planning for the Lunar New Year. Many families are trying to find ways to adapt their normal celebrations and move them online. Whether you're in Leicester or Loughborough accommodation, we've got some great ways you can celebrate during the pandemic.

Due to the current UK lockdown, staying virtual remains the safest bet. We know an important ritual for Lunar New Year is to catch up with family and friends.

We have put together some ideas for you to celebrate the New Year virtually.

As the 12th of February marks the beginning of the year of the Ox, you could consider sharing something you are hoping to accomplish in 2021 or even what you are thankful for.  Sharing goals with your family can help motivate everyone or inspire for the year to come.

Get creative with your decorations

We know the Lunar New Year is all about décor, whether that is setting the table or decorating your home in preparation for celebrations with family and friends. If you are struggling this year going out to the shops and purchasing décor for your home or can’t go to your family’s home where all your décor is kept then you can always make your own DIY lanterns and fortune cookies. You can share your good fortune with friends and family virtually.

Create your very own virtual background

Creating a virtual background can help simulate the feeling that you are all together.  Each family will select the same virtual background in advance of the celebration, or you can all get creative beforehand and design your own.

Setting the table

Still set up your table or a flat surface within your home/room if you do not have a table, lay out things such as tangerines, oranges, and orchids. Lay out red envelopes enough for everyone attending your virtual celebration.

Enjoy eating oranges and tangerines with family, embrace the orchids you can see in everyone’s background which symbolises luxury, abundance, and refinement.

This year you might consider sending a digital card in which you can upload a personalized video with well wishes, send the recipient of your choice an e-gift card to share the wealth.

Send care packages or gift boxes

As you are not able to exchange gifts in person this year, a great alternative is making a care /gift package and sending this to family.

For children some things you could pop into your care package could be:

·       Sweets

·       Red Envelops/Packets. (hongbao).

·       School Supplies

·       Books

·       Toys

·       Clothes


For the adults:

·       Alcohol (If unsure, find out what their favourite drink is)

·       Tobacco. (If applicable)

·       Tea

·       Fruits

·       Home Supplies

·       Health Foods.


Food and Menu

Traditional dishes and drinks are what make the celebration. Rice and jai, gau and tea with candied fruits and vegetables are the staples.

Order and send the same items to everyone or cook and deliver them, if delivery is not possible, you can also look to send items such as gau or tea and candied fruits and veggies. Everyone will be able to eat the same things as you would during a normal celebration, helping you feeling closer and connected to those you are virtually celebrating with.


A great idea for drinks could be creating your own mocktail or cocktail together. Each family will make this during your call, you will need to make sure you all agree on the perfect drink before hand as you will need to make sure everyone can access the same ingredients.

Lastly, we hope you enjoy your celebrations as much as possible and wish you all the best for 2021.