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Eating well whilst on a budget in 2024

Article writen by: Jodie
28 May 2024

Finding great food at affordable prices is a common challenge for students. But fear not! Here are seven smart ways to eat well without breaking the bank, all while enjoying your life at our Studentbeehive, Leicester student accommodation.

1. Utilize Student Discounts

One of the perks of being a student is the array of discounts available to you. Many restaurants, cafes, and food chains offer student discounts that can significantly cut down your meal costs. When you’re out and about in Leicester city centre, near the University of Leicester, or close to your student accommodation in Clarendon Park, always ask if there’s a student discount available. Flash your student ID and save money on your meals.

2. Shop at Local Markets

Leicester boasts several vibrant local markets where you can buy fresh produce at much lower prices than supermarkets. Leicester Market, for example, offers a wide range of fruits, vegetables, meats, and more. Shopping here not only supports local vendors but also helps you eat healthy on a budget. Plus, it’s a fun way to explore the city and get a taste of local culture.

Our Leicester students cooking in our shaed kitchen

3. Cook in Your Student Accommodation Leicester

Cooking your own meals is one of the best ways to save money. It’s cheaper, healthier, and you can make it as fun as you want. Most Leicester student accommodation options, including private halls and shared apartments at Studentbeehive, come with fully equipped kitchens. Get your roommates together for a cooking night, or try out new recipes on your own. Bulk cooking and meal prepping are great strategies to ensure you have delicious and affordable meals ready throughout the week.

4. Take Advantage of Meal Deals

Keep an eye out for meal deals and special offers at your favorite eateries. Many places offer lunchtime deals, two-for-one specials, or discounted meal combos. These deals are perfect for students looking to enjoy a meal out without spending too much. Apps and websites like Unidays and Student Beans can help you find the best deals around the city.

5. Get a Student Meal Plan at the University of Leicester

If you're living in De Montfort University accommodation or any other university-provided housing, check if they offer a meal plan. These plans are often more economical and save you the hassle of cooking every day. Even if you're in private student accommodation, some universities provide meal plan options that you can take advantage of.

International food options by our international Leicester students

6. Explore International Food Options

Leicester is a melting pot of cultures, which means you have access to a wide variety of international cuisines. From Indian and Chinese to Middle Eastern and Italian, there’s something for every palate. Many of these restaurants offer great value for money, especially with student discounts. Exploring these options not only broadens your culinary horizons but can also be quite economical.

7. Use Food Apps for Discounts and Deliveries

There are numerous food delivery apps that offer discounts and promotions, especially for new users. Apps like UberEats, Deliveroo, and JustEat often have deals that you can take advantage of. Whether you’re craving a late-night snack while studying or need a quick dinner after a day at De Montfort University, these apps have you covered. Just be sure to keep an eye on delivery fees and minimum order requirements.

Making the Most of Your Time in Leicester

Living in student accommodation Leicester means you’re at the heart of a bustling city with endless food options. From cozy cafes in Clarendon Park to lively eateries in the city centre, there’s always something new to try. Managing your cost of living effectively by taking advantage of discounts and cooking your own meals ensures you can enjoy all that Leicester has to offer without financial stress.

Life in Halls

Living in halls is an essential part of the student life experience. It’s not just about having a place to sleep; it’s about building a community, sharing meals, and making lifelong friends. Student housing at Studentbeehive is designed to provide a supportive and friendly environment where you can thrive academically and socially.

Welcoming International Students

For international students, adjusting to life in a new country can be challenging. However, Leicester is known for its welcoming atmosphere and diverse community. Whether you’re studying at the University of Leicester or De Montfort University, you’ll find plenty of support and resources to help you settle in. Exploring the local food scene is a great way to feel more at home and connect with new friends.

Booking Your Accommodation

Ready to start your journey in Leicester? Book student accommodation at Studentbeehive to ensure you have a comfortable and convenient place to call home. Our Leicester accommodation options are designed to meet the needs of every student, providing a safe and welcoming environment where you can focus on your studies and enjoy your university experience.

Final Words for our Students

Eating well as a student in Leicester is all about being savvy with your spending and taking advantage of the many discounts and deals available. Whether you’re cooking in your student accommodation or on campus, exploring local markets, or dining out, there are plenty of ways to enjoy delicious food without blowing your budget. At Studentbeehive, we’re here to support you every step of the way, ensuring your time in Leicester is both enjoyable and affordable. Happy eating!

By following these tips and embracing the student life in Leicester, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying a rich culinary experience while keeping your finances in check. Welcome to Studentbeehive Leicester – your new home where great food and great times await!

How can I find student discounts in Leicester?

Many restaurants, cafes, and food chains offer student discounts. When you're out in Leicester city centre, near the University of Leicester, or in Clarendon Park, always ask if there's a student discount available. Flash your student ID to save money on meals.

What are the benefits of cooking in my student accommodation?

Cooking in your Leicester student accommodation is cheaper, healthier, and fun. With fully equipped kitchens, you can bulk cook, meal prep, and enjoy homemade meals, making your budget stretch further while maintaining a healthy diet.

Are there meal plans available for students in Leicester?

Yes, if you're living in De Montfort University accommodation or University of Leicester accommodation, check if they offer meal plans. These plans are economical and convenient, saving you the hassle of daily cooking while ensuring balanced meals.

Where can I shop for affordable fresh produce in Leicester?

Leicester Market is a great place to buy fresh produce at lower prices than supermarkets. It offers a wide range of fruits, vegetables, and meats, helping you eat healthy on a budget while supporting local vendors.

What food delivery apps offer discounts for students in Leicester?

Apps like UberEats, Deliveroo, and JustEat often offer discounts and promotions, especially for new users. These apps are convenient for late-night snacks or quick dinners, ensuring you have affordable meal options delivered right to your student accommodation.