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Halloween decoration and treat ideas for Leicester student accommodation

20 October 2021

Spooky season has arrived! It's time to grab all your Halloween props and get decorating. This is the one time of the year where Leicester student accommodation comes to life with spooktacular creations and we're all for it. Read below to find out different ways you can decorate your flat this Halloween. Don't forget to check out some delicious and spooky recipes that you can follow from this blog so you can enjoy some Halloween themed treats this year.

Pumpkin Carving

Did you really celebrate Halloween if you didn't carve a pumpkin?! Why not get a group together and head down to a pumpkin patch near you! The closest pumpkin farms near Leicester include: Snarestone Pumpkin Farm, Whetstone Pastures Farm and Cattows Farm. All three offer a fantastic experience where you can explore fields of pumpkins and search for your favourite one to take home.

Once you've selected your chosen pumpkin, come up with a spooky design to carve out and pencil this onto the face of the pumpkin making sure you leave room at the top to cut off the crown. Once you have drawn on your design, take a sharp knife and cut off the crown of the pumpkin then scoop out the seeds which you can either discard or keep to the side and roast later for a Halloween special snack.

Next take the sharp knife and cut out your design, making sure to cut away from yourself. Once you've finished, grab a light and pop this inside so you can see the final outcome and get some special Halloween photos.

Halloween ideas for your Leicester student accommodation

Spider webbed

When you think of Halloween, most people think of scary things such as spiders and their webs. Two things to help make a house look spooky. All you'll need for these decorations are some pieces of paper and some cotton balls. To make the webs, simply pull apart the cotton balls and spray with some hair spray to ensure this stays in place when stringing across your windows or walls.

Now time for the spiders, simply draw out an outline of a spider, decorate the spider how you wish and cut these out to stick around the house.


Take your Halloween decorations to the next level in your Leicester student accommodation by creating some ghosts for your flat. There are several ways you could do this which include a pillow case, balloons, some string, paper and glass jars. 

Pillow case creation - simply take a spare case and cut out two eyes and a mouth then get a helium balloon in a different colour to the pillow case and place this under the case. Attach the balloon string where you wish to have the decoration and there you have it, a floating ghost!

If you wish to make ghost decorations with paper, then simply pencil an outline of a ghost and cut these to stick around your flat. Or if you wish to do some bright and smaller decor, take a glass jar, get a sharpie and draw out some small ghost figures onto the jar. Then take a tea light and pop this inside the glass jar to have ghosts project around the surrounding walls.


If you're looking for some skeletons to place around your flat then take a trip to your local pound shop, where you'll find a bundle of skeleton decorations that you can place around your student home in Leicester. If you want to make these yourself then you can create some spooky cut outs to hang around the flat or create some 3D skeleton models by taping some straws together and painting these as you please.

Halloween Treats

After a day of decorating, you'll find yourself craving some treats; and if you want to stay on the theme of Halloween why not try these...

- Cookie Monsters 

- Pumpkin Muffins

- Crunchy Pumpkin seeds

Ready for some recipes? Check out the recipe for each of these below:

Cookie Monsters


- 250g Flour

- 2 Eggs

- 200g of butter

- 100g of sugar

- Chocolate chips

- Icing


1) Grab a mixing bowl and mix together the flour, sugar and 2 eggs.

2) Place the butter in a pan and heat until softened. Then add this to the mixing bowl and whisk together until the texture is smooth and fairly thick. Sprinkle in a handful of chocolate chips.

3) Scoop out even amounts of the mixture and place this onto a baking tray in circular shapes. Then place this into the oven and bake for 10-15 minutes on 180 degrees.

4) Remove from the oven and leave to cool

5) Then grab your icing and decorate the top with some googly eyes, take some of the cookies made and break these off into mouth pieces to stick on top of the cookies.

Leicester Student accommodation Halloween Treat ideas


Pumpkin muffins


- 2 eggs

- Milk

- sugar

- self-raising flour

- roasted pumpkin seeds

- orange icing

1) Mix together the eggs, 200ml of milk, 200g of sugar in a mixing bowl

2) Sieve in 400g of self-raising flour and mix whilst adding

3) Grab a muffin tray and fill in muffin cases - making sure not to overfill these

4) Place these into the oven on 180 degrees for 20 minutes then remove and leave to cool

5) Once cool, mix together the icing with the roasted pumpkin seeds and layer the muffins with the icing mixture - and if you want to be super creative, why not try to decorate some muffins as pumpkins and add in some spooky faces.

Halloween Treats to make in your Leicester student accommodation

Crunchy Pumpkin Seeds

All you will need for this recipe are the pumpkin seeds which you can get after carving out your pumpkins for decorations. Simply wash and dry the seeds then season with some oil, salt, garlic and pepper. Place these seeds onto a baking tray and put into the oven on 180 degrees for 10 minutes - give the seeds a good mix half way through mixing.

Then enjoy! This is a super easy recipe to follow and these seeds can be used to create the perfect Halloween healthy snack for you to munch on throughout your day.