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Tips for Freshers week for Leicester Students

29 September 2021

Freshers week is a very exciting time. It's the week you move into Leicester student accommodation, meet new people, learn new things and see new places. Leicester is home to two universities; The University of Leicester and DMU, both which host fun sociable events so you can have the best first week making new memories in your new home. We understand it might be a bit daunting coming to a new city and moving away from your family, so we've put together some tips for freshers week for Leicester students.

Before the adventure starts

Before even moving into your Leicester student accommodation, spend some time visiting Leicester so you can get to know the area, where you'll be studying and fun things you can do there. Both universities host open days where you can arrange to visit the campus with friends or family. This is a great way to see where you'll be studying and how far away your accommodation will be. If you find yourself studying at DMU and location is a key factor for you then we recommend booking a room at Renaissance House which is a 6-8 minute walk away from campus. If you find yourself studying at University of Leicester then both Salisbury Road and Regent Road are great choices to consider for your student home - both just 5 minutes away from campus.

We also advise going to your university city for a weekend away so you can explore what social venues it has to offer. The main places you'll find students going to include BUNK, Revolution, Firebug and Cosy Club - four venues that offer brilliant drinks and a buzzing atmosphere.

Get to know your flat

Once settled in, we recommend creating a flat group chat. Be brave and knock on your flat mates door; they'll be feeling exactly the same as you and will be moving to a new city not knowing anyone. Why not host some flat events, like come dine with me, movie nights or a night out! You'll find friends for life in your accommodation, it's just about making that first step and saying hello to your new flat mates.

Freshers Tips for Leicester University Students

Your first food shop

If like many other students, it's your first time moving away from your family home, then you may be unfamiliar with essential cooking and household chores. So we recommend listing 10 meals you enjoy, then writing down all the ingredients you will need and going to buy these for your weekly meals. Some easy go to breakfast ideas include oats, pancakes, beans on toast, or if you want to make extra effort a full English breakfast! For lunch ideas, why not try a chicken and bacon salad, a tofu stir fry, toasted paninis or the uni classics - a bowl of soup or pasta! For your dinner you could check out the web for easy to cook meals like hunters chicken, make your own pizza or sausage and mash.

The stationary shop

We know it's easy to forget things when packing your whole life into a few suitcases, so we think it's always a great idea to do your stationary check and shop once you have settled into your Leicester student accommodation. The most essential fresher stationary includes: pencils, pens, paper and highlighters. If taking a laptop with you, then don't forget to grab a laptop case to protect it whilst you walk to and from campus. We also recommend getting yourself fully organised by having a calendar and diary.

University Tips for Leicester Students

Making your room a home

The next step with your university journey will be to decorate your new home! Your bedroom is a great place to start. Here are just a few suggestions we'd have for room decoration: fairy lights, room clock, plants and flowers, cushions, photo frames, posters - the list is endless. Decorating your university room is a great way to introduce yourself to flat mates when they visit, as they will be able to see your interests from photos and posters you put up.