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How to stay organised at uni

Article writen by: Brenda
15 March 2022

Moving away from home and into accommodation for students in Leicester or Loughborough student accommodation can be an exciting time. You finally have your freedom and a place to call your own. But with all of that, comes a lot of responsibility. You will want to stay organised and implement a routine so you stay on track with tasks and deadlines. This is your time to shine and we have come up with a list of things to help you stay organised at uni!

1. Use a calendar 

Getting yourself a calendar is so important at university. You can buy one off the internet or simply print one to stick on your bedroom wall. Then you can write down all the important dates such as deadlines, exams and meet ups and this way you'll have a constant reminder of what you are doing during the week and month. Students who stay with us in Loughborough student accommodation say they find a calendar most useful when it's placed in an ideal spot that you will see everyday; this is often at their student room desk or on the back of their door. The calendars help create a routine and structure to their day - it's a great way to boost your organisation and time management skills too.

If you would prefer something more digital, then why not try Google calendar, this way you will be sent a reminder before each event and deadline so you won't miss anything.

Desk calendar that can be used by students

2. Keep your room tidy

It may sound simple, but keeping a room tidy at uni is not an easy task. We recommend assigning one day a week to cleaning up your room and making sure everything is in the right place. That way you'll be able to find your essential books, stationary and coursework files when leaving to go to uni in a rush. Our Loughborough student accommodation offers rooms with fantastic storage so you can keep everything in the right place. If you find yourself in a room that is quite small then think about how you can utilise the space. Check if there's storage under the bed or on top of the wardrobe - why not see if there is room for you to add some storage containers too!

Loughborough student accommodation kept tidy

3. Do a weekly food shop

It's easy to always order a takeaway or eat out when you're at uni because you have so much freedom. But if you want to save money and make sure you have food at set times then we recommend becoming a pro home cook! A weekly food shop will ensure you have everything you need for that week and this way you can make sure you're eating enough of your five a day.

When asking our Loughborough students about their favourite home made meals, they suggested the following:

  • Pasta bake - a simple dish that requires four ingredients: pasta, pasta bake sauce, cheese and onions!
  • Stir fry - an ideal meal if you find yourself always on the go! All you'll need for this dish are noodles, vegetables, your choice of protein (tofu or chicken), whack all that in a pan and you'll have a meal ready to enjoy in 5 minutes. 
  • Pie and mash - a classic dish that pleases everyone! After a long day of uni, this dish is the one to refuel you for evening!
  • Jacket Potatoes - if you find yourself with a bit more time then why not bake some jacket potatoes with beans, chilli con carne or add in coleslaw.
  • Beans on toast - a quick but classic uni meal that every student will find themselves making at least one.

If you're living in Loughborough student accommodation you'll find shops like Sainsbury's, Tesco, Aldi and Lidl all near the town centre; a 2-5 minute walk away from some of our Student Beehive sites. If you're living in any of our Leicester student accommodation then you'll find yourself round the corner from Tesco, Sainsbury's, Morrisons and many local convenience stores too.

supermarket stores to shop at

4. Back up your work

We've all heard the story before of "my computer broke" or "I've lost all my work" - two scenarios that can cause absolute nightmares at uni! That's why we advise using a memory stick or cloud software to always save a copy of your work to. This way if you ever face a scenario where your laptop breaks, you are covered and don't need to worry. Set yourself a reminder to back up your work at the end of each day and it'll shortly become a great habit that ensures your work is accessible even if there are issues on your uni devices. 

A recommended trick is to also email yourself final copies of your work at the end of each day; that way you don't need to worry about loosing back up products as the work is accessible on any laptop, computer and mobile device you can use.

Student saving work to cloud on university laptop

5. Fix your sleeping pattern

It's always important to get enough sleep! When you have nights where you are not going out, try to stick to a set bedtime so your body can get use to switching off and getting the rest it needs for the next day. You'll be surprised at how much sleep can make a difference to your days! Or if you find yourself going out, make sure you have a power nap to recharge yourself for the rest of the week. It's recommended to have 7-9 hours of sleep a night so if you find yourself feeling exhausted due to a lot of late nights then give yourself a break and have a rest day to catch up on your sleep!

All these tips should help you stay organised at uni so you can reduce your stress levels and have an enjoyable experience whilst studying! If you're studying in Leicester or Loughborough then why not check out our student rooms here. If you're looking for a more private student living experience and fancy exploring studio options, then check out the links below to see what our Loughborough and Leicester student accommodation sites have to offer: