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Top Locations for Student Living in Loughborough

Article writen by: Abby
07 March 2022

Where do students live in Loughborough? That's a question you might be asking yourself when looking for a new student home. When moving to a new area it's important to surround yourself with friendly faces and people who you can call friends as well as neighbours. Loughborough is a friendly town where you can find a range of great student locations to live in. We've created a list of the top areas students tend to live in when studying at Loughborough University. 

1. Kingfisher Way - Kingfisher Halls

This is a very popular area for students in Loughborough as this street is a short distance from the Epinal Way campus entrance. Here you'll find Kingfisher Halls; an accommodation site that offers a range of rooms from ensuites, studios and one bed flats. All rooms come with all bills included, free WIFI, free laundry, a free onsite gym, a jacuzzi garden AND free parking - a students dream!

This particular site is close to Loughborough uni's sports facilities and SU so it is a popular choice among sport students and students after a more social experience.

One of our Loughborough student accommodation tenants expressed how Kingfisher "has a perfect location, 5 mins to campus and 7-10 minutes to the town centre. Superb facilities including good internet connection, laundry, gym, cleaning, common room." At Kingfisher you can enjoy an environment that feels like a student village with almost 200 students living across the different blocks on the site; ranging from first years, second years, third years and post graduate students. 

2. Forest Road - Forest Rise and Forest Court

If you would rather enjoy a location closer to town centre, then you can walk a few minutes down the road and find yourself at Forest Rise; the home of many luxury Loughborough student studios. This location is popular with students after a more private living experience. With third year and post graduate students mainly living in this accommodation. Here you can enjoy a more peaceful environment where you won't be disturbed by students on nights out as the location is further away from the facilities students will go to. Our Loughborough students living here said how Forest Rise's "24 hour gym and laundry services were absolutely exceptional" - with everything being under one roof, you really do find yourself covered for student life.

Fancy the best of both worlds? Heading closer to Loughborough's town centre, you'll find Forest Court on the same road. This accommodation site is popular with both undergraduate and postgraduate students due to the incredible facilities. Forest Court offers a huge range of ensuites in beautifully designed shared flats along with studios and one bed flats.

Here you will find the UK's only outdoor heated swimming pool which you can use throughout the week as many times as you like. The heated pool is heated by a hydro pump that uses the air for energy to circulate higher temperatures in the water - making this site one of our most sustainable student spaces. When asking students who lived here how they found the community they shared how: "everyone is friends with everyone and the staff here are also so friendly!"

Students enjoying the garden near the heated pool in Loughborough's student accommodation

3. Ashby Square - The Student Block

Ashby Square is a Loughborough students top choice if they are after a town centre lifestyle. In the heart of Loughborough's town centre, you'll come across The Student Block. A sort after area that is close to main supermarkets, shops, restaurants and bus stops that are used to get to and from campus. In this accommodation, you can pick from ensuites, studios, one bed flats or even a two bed flat.

Students tend to choose here if they find themselves after a social lifestyle; with the shared flats being popular with undergraduate students and the premium one and two-bed flats being popular with PHD and Master students. Here you can enjoy a student garden for summer BBQs and you'll find yourself living in a fantastic welcoming community.

Our students reviewed the Block and said how it's a "really cool place to live with a great location".

Loughborough students gathering in the Block garden chatting

4. Radmoor Road - Radmoor House

If you're studying art at Loughborough University or studying at Loughborough College then Radmoor Road is the perfect location. Radmoor House is less than a 5 minute walk away from these premises and is also not too far from Loughborough's town centre. With a smaller environment consisting of shared flats and studios; this location is sort after by PHD and Masters students since the area offers a quieter lifestyle.

Radmoor House is a great place to live in, and it's hard to miss thanks to the beautiful art mural painted on the front of the building by a Loughborough student. You'll be able to enjoy the Loughborough town atmosphere by walking a short distance into the heart of Loughborough and you'll find yourself living in a peaceful respectful area due to this site being on a quieter road away from the busy streets.

Our Loughborough students living at Radmoor really enjoyed the mezzanine room options where you have a room with two floors to separate the lounge/kitchen area from the bedroom. One student shared a review with us saying: "I had an amazing time, the rooms are spacious. I made the Mezzanine area into my own little room in my room".

Art Mural on Radmoor House painted by a Loughborough student

To see a full range of what Loughborough student accommodation has to offer, follow the link to see what's available and to get one step closer to your dream student home!