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Loughborough Accommodation that you shouldn't miss out on

Article writen by: Abby
07 May 2021

Loughborough is a beautiful town that is home to Loughborough University. Its vibrant and lively atmosphere attracts a friendly, welcoming community of students. If you’re coming to join the fantastic community of Loughborough during your studies and haven’t yet found your Loughborough student accommodation then keep reading. We have five fantastic sites across Loughborough which offer bespoke living experiences; there’s something for everyone with shared flats, studios and one bed apartments. Rooms at Student Beehive come with all bills included, free wifi, access to a free gym, access to an amazing hot tub and free parking options. Each accommodation site has something special and provides a supportive and safe space for you to call home. We understand it can be difficult to pick the right living space when checking out so many options, so we've put together a summary of each site - read on to check out which Loughborough accommodation is best suited for you.

Kingfisher Halls

Kingfisher Halls is a fantastic Loughborough accommodation site which is perfect for students wanting a social environment during their studies. There are six blocks here offering a total of one hundred and sixty rooms; ranging from ensuites, studios and one bed flats. All these options are situated near Kingfisher’s luxurious hot tub area - the perfect spot for a summer BBQ or party.

Single ensuite rooms are only £95 per week and provide the perfect space for students wanting to keep accommodation costs low. You can still enjoy all the benefits of all your bills included, free wifi, free laundry and a free onsite gym and hot tub area whilst saving a lot of money. If you do, however, have a bigger budget and want to live in a space that looks more modern and offers a bit more luxury, then our superior studios at Kingfisher will do the trick. From just £168 per week, these rooms can come with waterfall showers, large flat screen TVs and furnished kitchen areas so you don’t need to worry about buying appliances when moving here.

Kingfisher’s one bedroom apartments are also a great option to consider if you’re after something modern and luxurious. These apartments offer a bespoke living experience and are set to impress. The huge landing space can be turned into your dream home, with incredible storage space and endless opportunities for decoration.

Kingfisher Loughborough Student Accommodation

Forest Rise

Forest Rise is located a few minutes away from Kingfisher Halls and provides everything under one roof! Here is where you’ll find beautifully structured rooms that cater for studios, one bedroom and two bedroom homes.

Studios here start from £140 per week. These are freshly built and have a unique layout to cater for your needs. One of the most popular options includes the superior basement studios; a space that offers privacy and a great spot to create a cosy home in.

If you are looking for a flat with your partner or friend, then Forest Rise also offers two bed flats to cater for this. From just £180 per week, you’ll be able to enjoy a great lifestyle of elegance and comfort. Our one bedroom flats also offer this, and can be booked from just £182 per week.

Forest Rise Loughborough Student accommodation

Forest Court

Forest Court is a brilliant Loughborough accommodation site that offers social grounds just a few steps away from your room. There is a huge garden space that includes a BBQ area and newly built swimming pool - the best place for your student pool parties!

The silver ensuite rooms at Forest Court are perfect if you want to keep your budget low. From just £108 per week, you can enjoy a cosy room that comes with a spacious kitchen where you’ll make friends for life. Wanting a platinum experience? Why not give the Forest Court platinum ensuite rooms a go! These are incredibly large rooms that offer a fantastic space for all your belongings. If you would rather have a kitchen space all to yourself then check out the beautiful studios and one bedroom apartments - options that give you freedom to live how you please with all the privacy you could ever ask for.

There is a friendly and vibrant community living at Forest Court that includes both post graduates and undergraduates. Another bonus you get from living at Forest Court is the secure parking area that only students will have access to.

No matter what your desires are, Forest Court can accommodate them. With 9 different room types, there will be the perfect home waiting for you.

Forest Court student accommodation

Radmoor House

If you enjoy the quiet and private lifestyle during your studies then Radmoor House is the best site to live in. With just 36 rooms, this Loughborough accommodation site can ensure a peaceful environment whilst you stay with us.

The mezzanine rooms are one of a kind and sell out fast! These rooms can be booked as ensuites or studios and offer two floors within your room so you can make the most out of every empty space. You can also enjoy superior ensuites here which give a contemporary feel, so you can come back to a re-freshing space after each day at university.

By choosing to live here, you’ll have access to a private bonfire and BBQ area that can be found in Radmoor’s huge garden - a gorgeous spot to relax or study in. You can also enjoy free parking, but make sure you book a viewing quickly to ensure you get access to a spot as they go fast!

Loughborough Student Accommodation Radmoor

The Student Block

This Loughborough accommodation site is located in the centre of Loughborough town so you can enjoy the city life knowing home is just round the corner from shops, restaurants, bars and clubs. The Student Block offers modern, spacious kitchen areas for every flat, giving a great social space for you to live in with your friends.

Rooms here are perfect for group bookings with flats of five and six available. If you’re coming to Loughborough alone and feel nervous about making friends, then the Student Block is somewhere you should book with. Thanks to its bubbly and friendly community, you can move in here knowing you’ll make friends instantly and have a fun group that will be by your side throughout your university studies.

Ensuites here start from £116 per week and offer a space that will be well lit with natural light thanks to the layout of each room. Studios here start from just £178 per week; these are newly built and offer an impressive space you can call home.

On the top floor of the Student Block, you will find one bed and two bed flats that are spacious, bright and a great choice if you want to study in a modern home whilst at university.

The onsite gym and garden area offer two great areas you can use to escape from studies with. Our newly built bike shed also offers great security for anyone wanting to bring a bike to university - and for anyone who doesn’t bring a bike, there are brilliant bikes available that can be hired out as and when you please.

Loughborough accommodation Student Block

The Student Beehive

Wherever you decide to stay, you can be confident in knowing you'll have an incredible time with Student Beehive in Loughborough accommodation. The team are onsite to ensure you're looked after and that everything runs smoothly from the moment you step into your new home. There is also a maintenance team who are onsite throughout the week to get any problems fixed as quickly as possible - with the quickest response times, you can live at a home that provides the best quality support. 

Get in touch today to book your Loughborough accommodation dream home!