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Mental Health and Wellbeing advice during your stay at Leicester Student Accommodation and Loughborough Accommodation

Article writen by: Beth
25 January 2021

Your wellbeing and mental health is very important to us, we have put together some recommendations of apps, breathing exercises, support, and guidance to help during this difficult time.

Apps to download from the app store: 

A guide to mindfulness for your everyday life. Learn meditation and mindfulness from experts around the world.

Mental health self-managing app for mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety and eating disorders. Helps you monitor symptoms, receive personal recommendations and helpful insights to detect patterns and triggers.

Wysa mental health support
Helps you vent, talking through things or simply reflect on your day. Practice CBT. Helps you to relax, focus on sleep and so much more.

These apps are based around the 5 steps to wellbeing, which have been shown by evidence to improve your mental health:

  • Connect
  • Be active
  • Learn
  • Give
  • Pay attention to the present moment

Available on both Android and Apple devices.

Our accommodation managers are here to listen and help you with anything you are struggling with or if you just need a chat.