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Online Learning during Lockdown for students at Leicester Student Accommodation and Loughborough Accommodation

Article writen by: Abby
11 January 2021

Online learning can be challenging for everyone, whether it’s not being able to see your tutor face to face or simply missing the interaction with your peers. So to help, we have put together our top tips for studying in you Leicester student accommodation and Loughborough accommodation during lockdown.

Have a designated study space
If you don’t have a study space currently, create an area within your room or home which you can go to each day to study - doing this is super important and we'll tell you exactly why.

It’s very important to have a clear divide between studying, relaxing and personal time. Make sure your study space has items that cue your brain that it is time to do some serious work. For example, have your laptop plugged in and ready for work, or your notes, folders and coloured pens displayed in a holder. Additional things like scented candles and calming music can help relax you in your new workspace; whilst also getting your head in a clear mindset for the day's tasks. Remember to try and find a quiet spot when looking to set up your study space, this will help you minimise any distractions or noise from your family or flatmates.

Make a checklist at the start of each day
At the start of each day, set 5-10 minutes aside to write a to do list, by doing this you can make sure all your urgent tasks can be prioritise! Using a piece of paper or opening the notes app on your phone, simply list all the things you want to get done. Make sure your list is easily accessible so that you do not miss anything important. You can also make it fun by colour coding your to do list or starting a bullet journal if you would like to spend a little more time creating the perfect list.

Stay organised
Whether it is de-cluttering your clothes for your work space or keeping all your notes in one place, organisation is key. Why not download apps on your phone that will help you stay on top of things, by downloading an app you can add things like managing university notes, daily to-do lists, reading lists and miscellaneous documents. They can be so fun to set up and you can pop on YouTube and get advice from other students using these apps. Some apps we would recommend downloading to stay organised are:

Pocket life calendar
Do! Simple to do list

And there are so many more to choose from. If you are a pen-and-paper kind of person, invest some time into sorting through all your notes and printouts, use binders or even make yourself fun and colourful dividers to keep everything neat and tidy.

Decluttering your living space can also put you in a better frame of mind. It can be as simple as you like, and it really doesn’t have to entail a massive spring clean. You can start by making your bed in the morning, clearing out the coffee mugs that have been piling upon your desk, or if you are feeling particularly brave, you can sort out that huge pile of clothes stacked on the chair.

Get moving
Go outside for a walk. Going outside and having a moment away from your work can be greatly beneficial especially if there’s a particular topic you can’t seem to wrap your head around. We'd recommend trying to get in 10K steps a day, or set yourself a similar goal of reaching that by a certain date! If you don’t fancy going outside or the weather isn’t great that day, you can try a home workout. There are many different ways you can exercise from home. You can search your app store and see if there is anything that takes your fancy, and you can even find ones that you can do with friends over zoom.

Have something to look forward to every week
Give yourself extra motivation with something to look forward to. It could be plans to enjoy a weekend socially distanced walk with one friend, FaceTime calls to catch up, or baking something exciting in the evenings with flatmates. Zoom quizzes are also fun to do with a group of friends or your family. You can even add some prizes in the mix (make it a little competitive).

We hope you have found these tips helpful and you can start implementing these into your daily routine. Remember mental health is key, so if you are feeling down take a break and make sure to talk to someone.

Stay safe, happy, and healthy.