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Student studios Leicester has to offer

Article writen by: Beth
31 January 2022

Being a student in Leicester is great; you can enjoy the beautiful campus at DMU and the University of Leicester along with the beautiful parks surrounding the city. The student studios Leicester has to offer can make such a difference to your day to day uni life! A single room makes a huge change to anyone's uni experience as you spend the majority of your time where you live! Now more than ever, studio rooms are in big demand. It's your own space with no interruptions, a home you can make your own. But there are so many choices! Unsure where to start? We've got you covered! Check out our studio range below...

1. Salisbury Road

Superior studios are a great option if you're looking for a student home with that extra room. Salisbury Road offers a handful of beautiful superior studios where you can enjoy stunning views and a huge amount of natural sunlight thanks to the layout. In these studios, you'll have the best views for sunrises and sunsets and you'll be able to enjoy modern furniture for an elegant lifestyle. At Salisbury Road you'll find yourself a 5 minute walk away from the University of Leicester campus - so it's the perfect location for uni of students.

Student studio in Salisbury Road, Leicester

Standard studios are just as good but do offer a little less room. With Salisbury standard studios you can still enjoy beautiful window views and a great amount of privacy. We find our standard studios sell out fast due to the brilliant value they offer.

Standard studio in Salisbury Road

If you are wanting to save even more money then check out our limited single bed standard studio option at Salisbury road. Again this will offer everything you need in a smaller more compact space.

Single bed standard studio

2. Regent Road

Just around the corner from Salisbury Road is Regent Road. A cosy accommodation site that houses standard studios that will give you everything you need. You'll find a great furnished home that offers a large study desk, elegantly structured kitchen and sleeping area that comes together nicely.

Standard studio in Regent Road in Leicester

If you're happy to spend a little more then Regent Road's superior studios are the ones to check out. Here you'll find rooms with skylights, a larger living space and modern layout. These are definitely worth a viewing!

Superior Studios in Leicester with a large desk, TV, sleeping area

3. Renaissance House

If you study at DMU and want somewhere close to campus and close to Leicester's town centre then Renaissance is it! Here you can enjoy a standard studio that comes furnished with modern furniture. You'll have everything you need under one roof and be able to create a cosy student home here.

Renaissance House standard studio in Leicester

Still after a larger space to enjoy whilst studying? Renaissance offers some fantastic superior studios that offer a huge living space for you to enjoy. It's the perfect room for anyone studying at DMU and wanting to live in luxury without breaking the bank.

To check out all the student studios Leicester has, click on the link and get in touch to find your dream room!