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Leicester student guide to societies | Why you should join

Article writen by: Naomi
27 January 2022

Want to know the top tip for making friends whilst staying in accommodation for students in Leicester? SOCIETIES! University life is full of different shades. Whenever people think of universities, the first thing that might come to their mind might be studying or partying. However, there is much more to the university experience. One of the things I enjoyed in my first semester at the University of Leicester was societies! This article will discuss what societies are, how you can find them, and my personal experience with them. Strap on, ’cause here we go!

What is a society?
If you’ve never had experiences with a university, you might not know what a society is. In essence, a society is a group or organisation specialised in a particular niche; these can range from academics, sports, political, cultural/ethnical, or social. They can be an excellent opportunity to find friends with similar interests and give yourself an allocated time in the week dedicated to your hobby or just relaxing.

Choosing a society for you!
Variety is the least of your problems when looking through societies! There could pretty much be a society about anything, as long as it unites a group of individuals.

First, think of what interests you currently: is there anything you would like to improve on and carry on doing during your university year? For example, you could have been on the basketball team of your high school, and you would like to carry on practising. Joining the basketball society at your university would be a perfect chance to improve your skills, keep yourself busy, and make amazing new friends.

Second, try to think of activities you have always wanted to try! There are many things that you might be able to learn by joining a society. For example, suppose you always wanted to play airsoft. In that case, you could enter your university’s airsoft society and have a new experience. This is just one of many things you could try out; do not be shy to go out of your comfort zone and opt for something you wouldn’t usually do.

Third, research if your university has a society for your course. There are many academic societies out there that help students help one another, do extra research and meet peers from their course. It could be an excellent opportunity for those who want to have a supporting system around them for their academic life, as we all struggle with something after all! It could be a chance to also expand your knowledge and ultimately get better in revision and assignments.

Meeting of Leicester students in a lecture theatre

How to find societies at your university
Now that you might have an idea of what kind of societies you’d like to join, it’s time to find out what your university’ s student union offers! The easiest way to find societies to enter is by going on your university’s student union page. For example, I’m a student at the University of Leicester, so if I Naomi Musto – December 2021 wanted to join something new, I would go to Leicester Students’ Union , then “Opportunities” and finally “Societies”. Most pages will give you the option to search or filter to find what is most appropriate for you.

Another way you could find out about societies is through Facebook and Instagram. The majority of societies would have an active social page. They might decide to stick with different platforms, but the most popular ones are Facebook and Instagram. You could find out about events, activities, and what they are about. Contact them through their social media; they would be more than excited to introduce you to their association.

Being involved with societies
After you have purchased a membership from a society, you’ll be an official member! Every society has different perks to being part of it, so you should find out what they can offer you.

Another way you could get involved is by being a committee member. Personally, I am the president of a society at the University of Leicester (I will talk more about this later). I believe that it is a great opportunity that has enriched my university semester. You will be able to come up with lots of ideas to bring joy to many people; it is great to see a community grow. However, be mindful that being a committee member is a commitment like others, so you would have to dedicate so me time to it and make sure to do your tasks so that everything can run smoothly! Usually, societies have elections for new committee members during February and March, so stay on the lookout if that is something that might be of interest to you.

My experience: Anime Society
As I previously said, I am the president of a society at my university. This is LANMA, Anime & Manga society! Anime society is a social society that unites fans of Japanese animation and comics. Still, we are more than happy to help those interested in watching anime or reading manga. We have weekly viewings where we have snacks and watch shows together, online movie and games nights, competitions, and socials! It is a lot, but it is enjoyable to surround yourself with like - minded individuals while indulging in your passion! We are hoping for much more to come for our second semester! We have an active Instagram page and a Discord with 291 members; if you would be interested in hearing more, you can find all information on our Student Union page ! The experience of being a committee member has shown me that although there are lots of responsibilities, it is fantastic to see how people are happy and having fun with my society. It has also given me more experience in leadership roles due to being the president. At the end of the day, it is vital to learn how to be a good team member and delegate tasks to your group.

Anime gift box created by Leicester students

E - Sport and Gaming Society
The e - sport and gaming society was one of the first I joined at the University of Leicester. I love video games, so I really wanted to get to know like - minded people who could have played games with me. In the end, I have made lots of my current closest friends through this society, and I am grateful for joining. Along with membership, you get access to the e - suite in our university library. It is accessorised with gaming PCs equipped with a gaming mouse, keyboard, and super comfy chairs (don’t tell anyone, but sometimes I just sit there because it’s comfy). I think this is a great perk! In addition to this, they do have teams you can join for different games and have fun night outs socials. You can find out more about them on their Student Union page if you’re interested.

Art Society
Another society I have been involved with this semester has been art society. They are a group of lovely individuals who all love to make art, and so give a space for people like me who might want some time off to just relax and draw away. If that sounds like you too, it might be a great idea to check them out. They host themed meetings where we do different artistic things, such as Diwali art or Bob ross lessons. It is a great chance even if you might not think of yourself as much of an artist because art itself is very liberating and calming, so why not join up with other people and make new friends, too? You can find out more about them on their Student Union page.
Film Society
Finally, film society has been another one that I have had experience with. We had the opportunity to partner together to bring an anime movie viewing, where we watched the famous animated movie “Akira”. They are a lovely group that gather up every Monday on campus to watch a movie based on the week’s theme. It could be anything, ranging from “seven” to “Christmas”! It is exciting and accessible to anyone, whether you love film or want to enjoy a Monday night with others. They tend to also go out after their screening, so you would be able to make new friends and unwind. If you’re interested in them, please do check their Student Union page out.
Leicester students meeting and socialising in the student union
Conclusively, I personally think that societies are a core of the university experience. They offer students lots of opportunities to get out, have fun and improve themselves. There is something there for everyone as well, so they are inclusive; if not, you can just make your own! I hope that this article has given you a better insight and I wish you the best of luck in your university time.