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Top 10 places to grab a coffee in Leicester

Article writen by: Beth
19 January 2022

When you are living in accommodation for students in Leicester, you realise that coffee is an essential part of a student’s life. Whether it’s used to keep you awake when you are studying, to study, or used to as a treat to grab with friends. There is absolutely no doubt you will find a moment when coffee is essential. Because coffee is so important to all us students, I have compiled a list of the top places in Leicester to get a coffee, along with an estimate of the price of a standard latte (size and extras not considered). So, whether you are grabbing a coffee on a budget or willing to splash a bit on a fancier coffee experience I hope you find what you are looking for in the below selection picked out by me. By living in the Student Studios Leicester has to offer, it can be easy to save money as you do everything you need under one roof, so now is the time to pop out to town and treat yourself! Top Tip: always ask if they offer student discounts, you might just save yourself a little bit of cash.

1. La Foret

La Foret Cafe in Leicester | Cakes and coffee

La Foret is a beautifully designed café, it has nice floral and middle eastern vibes, with an accent flower wall and hanging pottery. The coffee here is delicious, and the staffs are always so sweet, and sometimes they give you little freebies like meringue or cookies. La Foret is located just at the end of Newark, just before you enter the main shopping centre so is ideal to pop into when coming home from a day of shopping. A standard latte here is £2.50.

2. 6 Degrees

6 Degrees in Leicester

Six degrees is a small independent social enterprise. This means that all profits go to charity. It is also the closest coffee shop to Regent Road. This coffee shop is located within the London Road shopping strip and is one of my personal favourite places to study and get food. A standard latte costs £2.70, and the food is also cheap if you are on a budget this is an ideal place to visit. They also offer cute afternoon teas.

3. 200 degrees

200 Degrees in Leicester200 degrees is located on Market Street and is one of the larger coffee shops on the list so it’s ideal for larger groups. The interior is very rustic and cosy feeling and has a nice outdoor seating area in summer. This coffee shop has a more sophisticated vibe so feels like you are having a coffee in a big city. The standard latte will cost £2.90, and they also serve lunch for under £5.

4. Fingerprints

Fingerprints in Leicester

Fingerprints is located in Clarendon Park in the queen streets shopping district. Fingerprints is usually busy, and this could be due to the 15% student discount they offer. The food here is amazing and they offer a large variety. The iced frappes here are so thick and are almost like a coffee milkshake, I highly recommend them. This delicate is very popular among students so you should really visit fingerprints at some point in your university experience.

5. Saints of Mokha

Saints of Mokha Leicester

Saints of Mokha is located on Evington Road, just as the entrance to Evington from London Road, so Is close to the student beehives located on the Regent road. Saints of Mokha is famous for its colourful drinks with unique flavours including Luna latte, black velvet latte, rose latte, matcha latte & the delicious red velvet latte. They do the most amazing latte art, including cute cat face lattes! The standard latte costs around £3.20, but the real big sellers are the more unique coffees they have to offer.

6. Merchant of Venice

The Merchant of Venice is located by the station, it is an Italian coffee bar with an interesting design that makes you feel like you have travelled back in time. The detailed walls and ceilings give the illusion of being in the Shakespearian era. A standard latte is £2.45 which I think is a bargain just for the experience alone. This one-of-a-kind coffee shop is worth a visit and is only a short walk from the station and city centre.

7. Craft coffee

Craft coffee house and van is the most convenient coffee place to visit as it is located on the university campus. They offer a range of coffees and snacks. They have sites set up in Percy gee, the library, and in the main foray. Craft coffee is made convenient so you can easily grab a coffee in between classes, during a study break in the library, or during a lunch break in the student’s union. A standard latte will cost you about £2.50.

Craft coffee in Leicester

8. Northern Cobbler

The northern cobbler is located in the queen’s street shopping area in Clarendon Park and is very popular in summer as it has an amazing outdoor seating area. This coffee shop has a boho hipster vibe to it and is visually aesthetic to the eye. It’s great to have a relaxing friend date here, or maybe even a romantic coffee break. A standard latte costs £2.90.

Northern Cobbler in Leicester

9. Cocoa by Ali

Cocoa By Ali is located between new walk and the town centre. It is a beautifully designed coffee shop and offers the most gorgeously decorated food and drink. They have an accent flower wall and a cherry blossom tree in the centre of the store. My recommendation would have to be the Sakura Mocha, but they offer an amazing range of drinks from matcha to red velvet and more. This is the perfect place to go for a girls’ coffee date. a standard latte is £2.70 with specialty lattes costing between £4-£5.

10. SOHO Coffee Co.

 Here you will be able to enjoy Fairtrade organic coffee and handmade food! Everything is fresh and will make your morning feel ten times better!