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Workouts to do at Home in Leicester Student Accommodation and Loughborough Accommodation

Article writen by: Abby
25 January 2021

Are you missing the gym? Don’t worry we are too. Thankfully whether you're staying in Leicester Student Accommodation or Loughborough Accommodation, there are loads of online classes you can join, apps and outdoor spaces for you to use to stay active...

Online workout classes
If you are not sure what class you want, Pure Gym offers over 400 to choose from for FREE, all you need to do is download the pure gym app.

If you do not want to use your phone and would rather use your TV, computer, or laptop? YouTube also offers hundreds of workout videos and challenges. If you are a beginner or familiar with working out then it doesn't matter because there are classes to suit everyone.

Fancy a challenge? ​
Try this 30-day challenge, let us know how you do and show us your progress by tagging us on our Instagram. We would love to see you get involved!