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Outdoor walking spots near Leicester Student Accommodation and Loughborough Accommodation

Article writen by: Abby
25 January 2021

Are you staying at our Leicester Student Accommodation or Loughborough Accommodation? If you stay with us in Loughborough or are thinking of staying with us at The Block, Forest Rise, Kingfisher Halls, Radmoor House or Forest Court and wondering what there is to do outdoors during lockdown, then look no further. Did you know there are loads of stunning parks and walks in Loughborough that you can take advantage off?

Trails & Parks

  • Queen’s Park Ranger
  • All Saints Loop
  • Hospital Round
  • An Old Branch Line
  • Walk the Burton Walks
  • Thorpe Acre Circuit
  • A River Runs Through It - Dishley and the Black Brook
  • Mountfields Lodge and views of the Outwoods
  • The Outwoods and views of Loughborough
  • Charnwood Water and the Canal

Route Maps made available by Leicestershire County Council HERE.

Outdoor walking spots Leicester
Are you staying with us or are thinking of staying at Regent Road, Renaissance House or Salisbury Road and wondering what trails near Leicester? Take advantage of 10 trails on your doorstep! You’ll find great hiking trails, running trails, walking trails and more...

Trails & Parks

  • Cropston Reservoir
  • Bradgate Park Loop
  • Bradgate Park and Woodhouse Eaves
  • Friendship Gardens Walk
  • River Soar and Grand Union Canal Walk
  • Bradgate Circular Walk
  • Watermead Circular Walk
  • Abbey Park Circular
  • Little Stretton River
  • Old John Circular

Are you not sure on the routes? Check out All trails Leicester they have the routes available for you to follow, you can find the walking time and the difficulty of the route chosen HERE​.