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Life in Lockdown at Loughborough & Leicester Student Accommodation

25 January 2021

Whether you're in Loughborough Accommodation or Leicester Student Accommodation, we are here for you. It’s strange as the small things are now the big things: conversations with friends, the opportunity to socialise in cafes, restaurants and pubs. Experiencing more than your bedroom’s four walls and knowing you’re not alone. Therefore, we have put together a few things for you to help you stay active, stay connected and keep yourself busy.

Sometimes it’s hard to think of what to do, especially if your feeling stressed or not yourself. We wanted to help you with that and put together some things you can do online and outdoors. Click on the links below to learn more about things you can do today:

Remember we are always here to listen and help, our accommodation managers will always be there if you need advice with anything or someone to chat to.